Google Asked To Reveal Android Roadmap As Evidence Over Apple-Motorola Lawsuit

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 7:19am by Editorial Staff

The ongoing legal truffle between Motorola and Apple reached a new phase, Google has been asked to provide its Android roadmap as evidence in Apple-Motorola lawsuit – the company which Google agreed to buy for $12.5 billion, reports Bloomberg.

According to the publication, Motorola will be asked to disclose the requested information by June. The first trial will address six Apple patents while the second one will look at three Motorola patents. The company says that Google is not a part of the lawsuit, and therefore its details are of no relevance to the case.

Google which recently received approval from both European Commission as well as U.S. Department of Justice over Google’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which the company announced in August. Adding further, the company is now waiting for China’s approval over on the deal.

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