Google Announces Chrome 31 Beta, Brings Web Payments Support, Portable Native Code And More

Posted on Oct 4 2013 - 12:02am by Editorial Staff


Google today announced the release of Chrome 31 beta version for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, bringing support for web payments, portable native code and application shortcuts for Android. You can download the new beta version via Chrome Beta page.

Talking about the features which come up with the beta instalment is that you can now fill out online forms with no or say little efforts as you can now pick existing payment data stored with the browser or enter new data via a browser-offered interface.

Second in the line up is the Web payments which works well on Windows, Chrome OS as well as on Android version while Mac version “will be included in a future release.” The company also added Portable Native Client giving developer the ability to execute native codes straight from their browser.

Other new features in this release

  • SCTP for WebRTC Data Channel allows P2P data transfers between browsers.
  • Alpha channel support for WebM video enables transparency masking (a.k.a. green screen effects) in WebM videos.
  • Speech recognition with the JavaScript Web Speech API is now supported on Chrome for Android.
  • window.devicePixelRatio now takes full-page zoom (but not pinch zoom) into account.
  • Support for { alpha: false } in getContext(‘2d’) lets you create an opaque canvas.
  • The Media Source API has been unprefixed and is now supported on Chrome for Android.
  • 2D canvas now supports the “ellipse” method.
  • Support for several Mutation Events has been removed. Consider using MutationObserver
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