Going Green Is The New Tech Dream

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 8:44pm by Editorial Staff

Believe it or not, these days most of the focus on new tech isn’t around making the customer’s life better. It’s about making the planet greener. They want to limit the damage that tech developers are doing to the environment. You can see this in charging times. Tech developers push to increase the time a charge lasts with every new piece of tech they release. This isn’t because they want to make things better for the consumer. They are trying to help save the planet and that’s not the only way tech is changing things.

Energy Saving Settings

Almost every piece of tech that you can buy these days has an energy saving setting. Your phone has a low power mode that you can switch on. The washing machine in your home has a setting that will use less power while you are washing your clothes. The best part is that with every new piece of tech released these energy saving settings get more efficient.

Clever Power Sources

We’ve seen this mainly in the car market with the introduction and shift in focus to hybrid cars. Car developers are working with tech experts to make sure the cars that they produce are as green as possible. They want to make sure that the image of the average car is changed. They are no longer gas guzzlers and instead are helping the fight to save the planet.

Cheaper Tech

Finally, in the past, it wouldn’t have been possible for private homes to have their own form of renewable energy. But the cost of solar panels have dropped to the point where regular joes can now afford them. This can be seen in the infographic by the massive spread of the tech across the US.

Infographic Created By Semper Solaris

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