Gmail Invited Its Biggest Fan To The Googleplex After Answering 100K Posts

Posted on Mar 14 2012 - 6:46am by Editorial Staff

We always looking out the ways to find out answers of the questions that strikes our mind than whatever the category it belongs to. In an interesting thing to share Google too having the same type of question answer community and as to make it an “experience” Gmail team has shared an interesting story about one of its top contributors.

Known by the name as “bkc56” in the Gmail forums, original name Brett has become the first person to post 100,000 answers – yes I just mentioned 100,000 (a huge numbers) and this guy answered that much – about the product in response to questions from the community. Over his successful answered figure, Gmail team invited Brett to visit the Googleplex to mark the occasion:

To celebrate, we invited Brett to come by the Google offices in Mountain View for lunch and a day with the team. While he was here, Brett shared his insights on Gmail, the forum, and the Gmail community; those he met with described his observations as “brilliant” and “invaluable.” He met with Googlers in many different roles, from support specialists and engineers to vice presidents. We learned a lot from speaking with Brett and we are all very grateful that he shared his time with us.

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