Gambling Hacks – Simple, Easy And The Best Ways That Actually Work

Posted on May 28 2018 - 7:22am by Editorial Staff

For the following, dark hoods and Vendetta masks are not essential. These are simple hacks to get more from online casinos, it’s as simple as that. We cover everything from games to services and even casino bonuses. Nothing complicated like most other guides would trick you into thinking and when trying to perform said task it doesn’t work. Here you will see the results instantly because they work and are accessible to all players.

Getting the Most out of the Casinos

We’ll bring this examination of the facts from the point of registering all the way through to leaving the casino with cash in your pocket. To find a casino because any will do, you can head to a comparison site like and read up on which offers the biggest bonus if it takes your fancy. Select a casino and immediately check what payment options you have.

If you are a bitcoin user you can play and be paid out in bitcoins. Because of the market changes, the coin value can rise and fall so play with your bitcoins when the market is low, cash out on any wins when the market is high and you will gain more interest.

At the point of registration, you can be rewarded with a welcome bonus. Usually, these are for online slots. Now, though slots can carry a weighty sum of jackpots, landing them is near impossible so you might want to better your odds on a game with 50/50 chances.

If the casino is only offering slot games for free then contact the customer service team and ask if the welcome bonus can be cancelled and replaced with one for roulette. Roulette holds the highest odds in any game at 35/1 plus you have a better win rate where the house edge is not as high as other casino games.

If you wish, you can try asking for a free sports bet instead. The benefit of sports betting is that you have a better degree of knowing how chance will play a part in the outcome. If you know your sports or particular sport then place a sensible bet to double the free bonus and keep accumulating it over time. You’ll then surpass the cash out threshold the casinos put on.

Knowing how a Casino Works

If you know how something works, you know how it can be manipulated. Now, with this in mind, it requires a little time and research. Casinos have to clean games of software bugs and glitches. This is standard and all casinos must abide by the rule. Now, when they do this is unknown at first but there is a way called the ‘10-spin tester’. We will come back to this in a moment.

Casino games are programmed and beginners luck is a fabrication in the program. Let’s explain this as clearly as possible.

Anyone who joins a casino will win something within their first few games, usually the first. The program is clean and the management tool the casino uses has no history of what you have played prior, what you usually bet and so on. A ‘normal’ player will have a generic sequence of win, lose, win, lose and so on if they remain playing all day or every so often.

The trick is to hit the wins more, of course, this requires discipline. Play and for every big win or bonus you land, cash out after and end the game. Move onto another game (note: one you have not played before) then do the 10-spin tester. If you do not land any win in 10 spins, cease playing.

Next, you log out, clean your browser history and caches options. Resist the casino for a week to a month and repeat your actions. During this time the casino will have cleaned its own management tools, history and cache and you’ll be like a new player to them. See where this is going?

Try it – all the above works!

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