Five Creative Ideas For Kitchen Remodelling

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Kitchen is the main hub of any home. Indeed, this place is not for food cooking only. This is a special place where families draw around a festive table, entertain guests and store gadgets. Thus, when thinking on a future kitchen design, make sure it will accommodate these and other activities. The demand for kitchen remodels has significantly increased recently, as homeowners want to make this area of their homes more capacious, functional and stylish.

Here are five creative ideas for kitchen remodelling:

Do Not Be Afraid of Grey Colours

Many people avoid grey color, as consider it boring. However, grey cabinetry looks very stylish and is a perfect choice for anyone who prefers sombre colours, but wants something unusual. Grey cabinets looks perfectly in a combination with mosaic stone tile and marble-look counters. To give your new kitchen a complete look, opt for silver hardware finishes and decorate your windows with a grey fabric shade.

Additional Storage Space

Having an extra space for storing kitchen utensils is a great advantage. If you have a small kitchen, you can add some storage space by using a few simple tricks. For example, open shelves near the cooking area and sink will not just give your kitchen a special charm and increase storage space, but will also make everyday dishes easier to reach. Standard drawers and cabinets do not fit baking pans and cookie sheets properly. If you are conversant with such problem, you need slotted cabinets. Narrow vertical slots are ideal for storing flat items and take fewer space.

Experiment With Subway-Style Tile

The use of subway tile offers a myriad of ways to decorate your kitchen. Subway tile is available in a great variety of patterns and colors, so you will easily find the one, with which you will materialize your vision of an ideal kitchen.

Add Bright Colours

Even minor changes will liven your kitchen and make it more bright and attractive. All you need to do, to change the look of your kitchen, is to add a few bright colors. Change the color of the drawers or cabinetry doors, for example. Make sure however, new colors match other kitchen accessories.

Replace a Table With a Kitchen Bar

Kitchen bar is a great choice for any kitchen area. Using kitchen bar is especially recommended for small kitchens, as it takes fewer space than a traditional table. It is comfortable to sit at and looks very stylish.

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