The Essential Startup Checklist

Posted on Mar 1 2017 - 7:21pm by Editorial Staff

When you are starting out in business, there is always plenty that you need to consider. Even if you have started up businesses many times before, you will probably find that there are one or two things that you inevitably forget. Really, this is just part of the process of starting a business, and it is a good idea to prepare yourself for that when you are just beginning. What might also help is to be able to have a list to refer to which details everything that your new business will need. As long as you know what your business needs to get going, you should be able to be much more confident right from the outset about the future of that business. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the essentials that your startup will need to enjoy success.

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Brand Identity

These days, figuring out the brand of your business is always going to be one of the most essential parts of the entire process. The brand is really like the public face of the business, it’s the thing that people see and often respond to emotively. When you are developing your business’ brand, you need to take that into consideration. Brand images, when they are really successful, tend to be memorable, bold and engaging in some direct and real way. If you are having trouble with this, then it might be worth getting a marketing team to give you a hand. It can be difficult figuring out exactly what your brand should be, so it is a good idea to get some help in this area. With any luck, you will soon be able to develop a brand image which really sticks. And that is a good sign that your business is off to the best possible start.


There is a reason that this is so high up on the list: these days, there is hardly a business in existence which can survive for very long without a website to promote it. Websites offer many different functions all in one go, and they are so useful that you really can’t do without one. Increasingly, a business’ website is its front page, the first port of call for interested parties and customers alike. It is sensible to have a well-designed, easily navigable site so that you can easily interest anyone who needs to know more about your business. In general, it is a good idea to leave the difficult task of designing and hosting up to someone else. Using a third party firm like will ensure that your website is as professional as it can be, while also freeing up your time for the important task of building your business from the ground up. With a strong website, many more people are likely to flock to your business.

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Five Year Plan

All good businesses have a plan, and the best have plans which are incredibly detailed. If you are not entirely sure about where you are going with your business, or what it will look like in five years’ time, then stop immediately and draw up a plan that you can refer to. It might be tempting or even exciting to dive head first into the act of setting up a business and running it, but if you are looking for real, long-term success, then you need to make sure you know where you are going. Otherwise, you never know what might happen, and what kind of fate your business will suffer in the long run. Sit down in the early days and draw up a plan for at least the next five years. This should include as much as you can think of, the more detailed it is the better a plan it will be. If you are struggling with this, there are services out there which can help you with planning out the smaller details. A good example is, which provides free samples of business plans. You might be surprised, as you do this, just how much there is to consider when you run a business. But really, that is the whole point. It is better to run into these problems and issues on the page than in the real world, and this is the primary reason that planning is so important for any new business.

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Dedicated People

One of the most important decisions you will ever make in your business’ life is choosing which people to work alongside you. This can be a very difficult process, and can take a long time to get right, but you should find that you are keen on ensuring you have the best people working alongside you. If you are ever less than confident in your team, it can soon become a much more important and larger issue, so make sure you avoid this by spending a lot of time on choosing those people well. All businesses need to have a recruitment process which enables the best of the lot and quickly gets rid of the worst. You should have a clear notion of the kinds of qualities you are looking for in your employees, as knowing this will help you massively in finding the right people. As long as you know what you are looking for, and you are keen to be patient in waiting for the right people to come along, you will be doing a great service to your business in the long run by finding the best possible people to fill your various roles.

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Secure Funding

It goes without saying that you will need a decent supply of money to get your business going. However, what people often fail to appreciate is just how much they might need, as well as for how long they might need to keep it coming in. Chances are, your business will need a secure, ongoing form of funding which it can rely on for the duration. If you don’t have this, and you can’t secure it, then it is much less likely that your business will go on to be as successful as you would hope.

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