Why You Should “Count” On A Career In Numbers

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 8:39pm by Editorial Staff

Finding a career in such a large world of seemingly-infinite industries can be one of the easiest decisions to make, for some, or it can entirely overwhelm others. It’s easy to think that things will just fall into place, especially if you’re well aware of the areas in which your talents lie and that’s given you some idea of the route you would like to take in terms of a future career.

Of course, things will only fall into place if you line them up properly, which is why you need to think about how to take your skills and put them towards acquiring a real-life, stable career which requires such a skillset. If you’re analytically-minded, this is a simple task, and I’ll explain why.

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The world is geared towards making money. For those with big, creative ideas, this can either be a blessing or a curse. Those with their hearts set on written and artistic industries might struggle because art isn’t always a big money-maker. Of course, for those with their hearts set on analysing and assessing figures, statistics and data, the door is wide open for you, because the business world feeds on such talent.

Careers in analytics.

If you’ve always excelled at mathematics, then you shouldn’t listen to the naysayers who claim that maths is pointless once you get out into the real world. I’ve never heard a joke which could be further from the truth. A mathematical mind is one of the most important assets to organisations hailing from all manner of industries across the world.

For those with minds which are geared towards problem-solving, this is definitely the career path for you. If you’ve always loved that satisfying feeling of crunching numbers and spending time plotting sums, or working out equations, you’ll likely find data assessment and analysis incredibly rewarding in a business environment. You might even find it better than mathematics at school.

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Accountancy is a lucrative career path.

There’s no denying that the lover of numbers is often incredibly well-suited to a career in accountancy. It’s about more than numbers – this career requires a logical mind which can put together a picture of business operations simply by analysing figures and statistics. It’s also a very social career, as you interact with people constantly and acquire increasingly-senior positions in companies due to your advisory capabilities.

It’s not even necessarily about going to university and getting a degree in accountancy, as sometimes there are educational paths which can lead straight to the job position or overall career you desire. In terms of accountancy, you need only pass the cpa exam in order to become a certified public accountant.

Teaching is great for the passionate.

If you really love numbers (and you might find you’re in the minority), there’s a chance that business-based roles don’t feel right to you. Perhaps you feel you can’t truly channel your passionate, driven and creative mindset into an accountancy role. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should be in an environment whereby you can inspire others to care about the importance of numbers, data and statistics too. Perhaps you should become a maths teacher.

However you choose to use your analytical brain, make sure you don’t chase the wrong career just because somebody else says it’s right. Think about how your mathematical brain aligns with your personality, and go from there.

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