The Complete University Survival Guide

Posted on May 10 2016 - 2:06pm by Editorial Staff


Everyone wants to go through life with a good career that they can be proud of. You want a job that’s fun to do and pays very well too. One of the best ways to enhance your career prospects is to attend university. Going to university can provide you with the extra knowledge you need to make it in a specialist field. In fact, there are some careers that demand you have a degree to pursue them. For example, if you don’t have a law degree, you won’t be able to become a lawyer.

Bearing this in mind, it’s highly recommended that you attend university. But, make no mistake about it, your life isn’t going to be easy. People paint a picture of student life as very laid back and relaxed. You associate university with parties and a carefree lifestyle. However, the truth is, it can be extremely challenging. It’s far easier to fail uni than it is to earn your degree. Especially if you approach life in the wrong way. You need to be fully prepared for your life as a student, or it can end in tears. So, I thought it would be helpful to create a guide that helps you survive in university. You can find this guide below, and it will help you graduate with flying colors and move on to a successful career!

Don’t Be Afraid To Look For Assistance

The biggest mistake you can make in university is to do everything on your own. Yes, there is a lot of independent learning when you get there. It’s different to being in school and having everything handed to you on a plate. You’ve got to go out and find information without the help of tutors. However, you don’t need to do this alone if you get stuck. Don’t be afraid to ask fellow course members for help if you’re stuck. Or, ask people that are taking the same course but are a year ahead of you. Looking for help is the best way to get yourself through tough periods of studying. Plus, there are ways for you to get outside help with any essays you have to write. The biggest issue with university is having too many essays all for the same deadline. Sometimes, it’s impossible to get them all done on time. This is where you look for assistance and find somewhere to buy an essay online. You can order essays that aren’t plagiarized and will get you a passing grade. Just look online for the best website to buy an essay and you can relieve a lot of stress. It’s not cheating; you’re simply looking for assistance when you have too much to do!

Put Your Work Above Everything Else

As I alluded to earlier, people have a perception that uni life is all about partying. To be honest, this is true for some people. There will be lots of chances for social events in uni, and you can easily get caught up in them. It’s very common for someone to spend their first year partying and drinking every night. The result? They fail the year and have to drop out or re-sit it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t party now and then; it’s good to let off some steam. However, you need to prioritize your studies. Your work should come before partying and everything else. Get your work done and then think about other activities. If you live like this, you’ll find it a lot easier to make it through university with limited stress.

Make The Most Out Of Your Free Time

A big benefit of university is that you’re gifted with quite a lot of time off. You won’t get many breaks during semesters, but you do get generous holiday time. You can be off for over a month at both Christmas and Easter time. Add to that the extremely long summer holiday that spans over two months. I think it’s crucial that you manage your time off effectively. When you head home for Christmas, it’s the perfect time to try and relax. Forget about your studies for a week or two and let off some steam. The same can be said for your Easter break too. In the summer, you should relax completely and forget about university for a few months! By making the most out of your free time, you can recharge your batteries. This helps manage your stress levels and make uni life a lot easier to deal with.

And there you have it; the complete university survival guide. If you want to pursue an exciting career, then you have to learn how to make it through uni!


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