Can Playing Games Be Good For Your Mind?

Posted on Oct 12 2017 - 9:37am by Editorial Staff

We hear a lot of damaging and untrue things about video games and the effects they have on us. One of the misconceptions that you want to rule out is that they do us nothing but harm and damage. It’s simply not true, and a lot of research now shows that playing video games can actually be beneficial to our minds. Read on to learn more about this.

Interactivity Can Stimulate Learning

Learning is important to everyone, not just children. However, we do the most learning when we’re young, so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that many kids spend so much time playing games. The parts of our brains that are stimulated during game playing sessions are the parts of the brain the help us to learn more and learn faster. This is because the games get us thinking, and our minds are always active as we play. People who play certain kinds of games will also have to use their ability to learn in order to progress and get better at the game.

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Hand-Eye Coordination Can Improve

Hand-eye coordination is something that’s formulated in the brain. It can also be improved by playing more video games. It’s definitely something to look into in more detail if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination for whatever reason. By doing this, you could improve your real-world sports skills, and make your day to day life easier in some ways. This is something that is becoming even more prominent and obvious with the development of VR gaming. It can even help people with medical problems that damage coordination.

Some Are Pure Entertainment, But Even That Has Value

Of course, the vast majority of games are not created with the intention of improving our minds in any way. That’s simply not their function at all. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t all kinds of positive by-products, though. Even for the games that are purely entertainment, there can still be benefits to take and value to be found. People can use Unibet casino games to calm down or Tetris to focus their minds. Games are often linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety, and they can all have some benefit.

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Memory Capabilities Can be Boosted

Your memory can also be improved by playing more video games. As well as stimulating the area of your brain that’s linked to learning, it also does the same for the part that is linked to the creation of memories. So, when you play games, your brain gets better at storing and recalling memories, and that’s pretty impressive. It’s one of the many reasons why gaming has started to be taken more seriously by doctors and scientists in recent years. The hippocampus is the specific part of the brain that is stimulated during gaming and linked to memory.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to play games. Your brain is obviously very important, and it can be helped by playing video games. So, what are you waiting for?

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