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If the thought of going on some beach holiday leaves you less than excited, then your vacations need a shot in the arm. The way you plan them needs a total transformation. Rather than booking another tired trip to the same sorts of places, becoming a South Africa volunteer can be exactly what your vacationing experience needs. Not only will you have an experience of a life time with plenty of adventurous stories to tell upon your return, you’ll know that you’ve changed the world for the better. When a person volunteers, you create an enormous impact on those you help (yourself included)!

There are plenty of opportunities to become a South Africa volunteer that beat the holiday status-quo. There is no end to orphanages and hospitals that look after disenfranchised children who need help, extra love, and an education. You’ll work side-by-side volunteers and health care workers to help provide some support for these beautiful children. Think a safari is more to your liking? For those animal welfare enthusiasts, there are sanctuaries that need your help too. You have the chance to provide daily care and maintenance to all of the famous animals of Africa, like the cheetah, rhinoceros, and lion.

The benefits to volunteering are immense. People who volunteer build stronger connections with their fellow volunteers and with those whom they help. There’s something about contributing to a larger issue that makes these bonds with like-minded people lasting. Most volunteers, even those on short-term experiences in South Africa, also feel a sense of accomplishment for having done some good in the world. Many even report a more positive outlook in life.

Some volunteers even find that the South African experience has helped them to advance their careers. While a volunteer holiday is first and foremost a way to help those in need (and second a way to see the world), it’s also a unique way to pick up and improve upon skills employers find attractive. As a volunteer working in a group, you can improve your teamwork, planning, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and time management skills. The life changing volunteer opportunities in South Africa may even give you a new perspective on life with interests that could totally reinvigorate your career!

There are so many ethical and ecological ways to help those in South Africa. Volunteer experiences are a great way to bridge the gap between your personal desire to see the world and your wish to help those in need. So before you agree to another resort holiday with your friends, experience life as a South Africa volunteer and see how a real vacation can totally change your life.

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