The Benefits Of Cloud Based Web Hosting

Posted on May 23 2016 - 7:27pm by Editorial Staff


No longer considered to be simply futuristic, cloud web hosting is becoming a very popular alternative to conventional hosting, with many website owners finding that it is not only cost effective and affordable, but also reliable, flexible and scalable making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs a hosting option that will grow with their business. With a huge percentage of large corporations and Fortune 1000 companies having already moved to cloud hosting, it’s no surprise that smaller businesses are also following suit. Although at first the technology has had certain issues such as privacy concerns, advancement has seen more and more benefits which have turned the critics into enthusiasts at a growing rate.


One of the main reasons why business owners opt for cloud web hosting is that it is capable of effortlessly handling immense server loads. Because cloud based hosting is across a number of different servers, there is a lot less worry about a website going down – if a particular server were to crash, there are always others ready to pick up the slack. The scalability that is achieved with the help of additional updates, load balancing technologies and sometimes additional hardware means that the chances of a website hosted on cloud infrastructure crashing is very small. To switch to cloud hosting, visit

Cost Effective

Cloud hosting services are often billed in much the same way as an electric meter, meaning that you pay for exactly what you use, saving money on monthly rentals. This is viewed by many as perhaps one of the largest advantages of switching to cloud based hosting, as thanks to this technology, websites which see a varied amount of traffic each month no longer need to commit to spending money on dedicated resources such as high bandwidth and server space. Rather than billing users for a very high predefined limit, this system bills users simply for the amount of traffic that they receive.

Customization and Efficiency

As there is a vast network of servers available in cloud based web hosting, the user has access to almost infinite hosting solutions should the need arise. Because of this, cloud based web hosting has become the perfect option for those who are looking to expand their businesses in the future as users can create servers with as much capacity as they want. These can then also be accessed through online panels, for example API services. The virtual pooling of all these available resources makes the entire cloud web hosting system very efficient and the performance of individual resources such as servers, networks and software boost the overall performance of cloud web hosting and websites hosted on this system. By outsourcing the server and storage needs to a third party, companies can also become more efficient by freeing up internal resources and reduce their financial and work burden.

Cloud web hosting is becoming one of the most popular hosting options today, thanks to its high levelof efficiency and ease of use.

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