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Posted on Apr 8 2019 - 8:38am by Editorial Staff

So you’ve been playing slots for a while but how can you be better when playing them at the likes of 666 Casino? If you’re looking for a few helpful tips then take a look at our fantastic tips below that will hopefully ignite your slot loving spark again! We’ll be looking at how you can be better at playing slots in the casino and get a good return. There’s no one size fits all trick that can help you win millions but these tips will definitely point you in a more positive direction.

Playing at Land-based Casinos

Land-based casinos are great. You have the buzzing atmosphere of slot machines ringing, coins clinking and bright lights flashing. It has a more social feel as you can get to know regular players and you can go out with your friends and make a night of it.

There are many ways you can be better at slots including choosing winning slots with the highest payouts. Although this may seem like an obvious tip, many slot novices make this mistake. If you want to win big then you need to find a slot machine that pays out more than the others. If you’re looking for lots of small (and potentially big) wins then you need to determine the volatility of slots.

Volatility of Casino Games

Volatility is also referred to as risk level. This determines how you win at slots. If you want lots of frequent but smaller wins then look out for low volatility slots. If you’re looking for slots that don’t pay out as much but when they do they are bigger, then high volatility slots are for you. Low volatility slots are a lot less risky.

Similarly, the simplest games will give you the best odds. If you’re looking for the best possible entertainment then this tip isn’t for you, this is for the players who want the best odds possible. To save money and make your coins go further, go for the easiest slots. The simpler slots tend to have fewer paylines.

If you want to be better at playing slots then it’s best to avoid video reels. Although these may look really fun, the reality is that these don’t pay back as well as normal slots. Stick to the classic slot machines to get better return. Another hack is to play machines at the end of rows. Theory suggests that the machines at the end of rows are the most visible to passers-by and casinos want people to see people winning. Could this possibly indicate that these are some of the best slots? Last but by no means least, the best way you can be better at playing slots is to play within your budget. The majority of slot sessions will result in losing money but there’s nothing you can do about that. Sometimes you’ll have lots of little wins, sometimes you’ll win big. The best piece of advice we can give you is to never bet money that you cannot afford to lose. If you stick to this number one rule your slot experience will be fun and rewarding.

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