Apple Using Bloom Fuel Cells To Power Its North Carolina Data Center

Posted on May 1 2012 - 5:22am by Editorial Staff

With the recent criticization from Greenpeace for its “dirty energy”, Apple takes a step out and with the medium of its new data center in North Carolina trying to minimize its energy footprints. “Apple is an existing customer and they will use our fuel cells in their North Carolina data center,” K.R. Sridhar told CNET (via GigaOm). The company is using its energy-efficient Bloom fuel cells. Sridhar didn’t specify what Apple would be using as its power source, but what seeing from the past determines is that the company is using renewable energy as its power source. Bloom has said that either method can help reduce carbon emissions by at least 40 to 50 percent compared to using the US electrical grid.

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