Apple Seems Defending Itself Over DOJ’s Anti-Trust Charges

Posted on Mar 9 2012 - 7:24am by Editorial Staff

With the yesterday’s news Apple along with five other publishers going to face anti-trust charges from US Department of Justice over the raise in the price of electronic books. The action which is reportedly taken over claims that the parties came together and increase the standard price for e-books that would be used for titles sold by publishers. Over on this Apple claims that it has been made the victim due to the over-analysis of its public statements that are rounding up everywhere – along with that looking out the previous argument that states that Steve Jobs made a comment to Walt Mossberg before the launch of the iPad saying that the prices will be the same in concern to Amazon’s Kindle Store. On the other hand, Apple putted up another argue saying that Amazon’s prices were pretty low and using an agency based model will allow the publishers to gain back the normality.

Apple acknowledges the accusation in the court filing, saying, “But this allegation just strings together antitrust buzzwords.. Nor does this “Kindle theory” make sense on its own terms. For example, if Amazon was a “threat” that needed to be squelched by means of an illegal conspiracy, why would Apple offer Amazon’s Kindle app on the iPad? Why would Apple conclude that conspiring to force Amazon to no longer lose money on eBooks would cripple Amazon’s competitive fortunes? And why would Apple perceive the need for an illegal solution to the “Kindle threat” when it had an obvious and lawful one which it implemented – namely, introducing a multipurpose device (the iPad) whose marketing and sales success was not centered on eBook sales?” Now to see how the US Department of Justice will look into the claims made, but it is sure that Apple will certainly not going to take the accusations lying down.

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