An App Scans Users’ Social Networks To Suggest ‘Useful’ LinkedIn Connections: Intro

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 11:29am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pratibha is a technology enthusiast interested in analysing and reporting about different technologies.

Modern world is up and running on social networks, it’s very interesting challenge seems to be making the information and connections contained in those networks that are really useful. Intro is a free and superb app that helps users develop their professional networks, analyzing their social network data organize to introduce them to new business contacts.

That’s why Intro is meaningful, Users of the Intro app begin by signing in via LinkedIn and signifying which social networks they’re on, including Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Then, using information about the user and their contacts on those networks,

Intro automatically makes modified ranked list of the most important new business contacts close by. Intro also pinpoints the exact connection overlaps users share with others, once Intro has recognized potentially useful contacts, users can reach out, swap details securely and chat in real time through the network.

The app can also alert users when contacts are nearby, and will even trigger new introductions automatically as the user moves about the city. Freelancers and small businesses looking for collaborators are two niches for which Intro can be particularly useful, its UK-based maker says, as are conference attendees. The app is currently available for iPhone, but versions for Android, Windows and Blackberry are in the works.

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