A Look At The E-Cig Industry Through Time

Posted on Feb 28 2019 - 2:08pm by Editorial Staff

The e-cigarette market has come a long way. While the product was technically developed a long time ago, companies didn’t start popping up and selling them until roughly 2006. By 2009, there were over 50 companies worldwide selling them. Companies like V2 Electronic Cigarettes dominated the market, and continue to do so today with their constant evolution and technological prowess. That said, let’s take a look at the timeline of e-cigs and how we go to where we are today.


The term ‘cig-a-likes’ is pretty self-explanatory. These were e-cigarettes that resembled tobacco cigarettes. The look and feel were similar, and so was the weight (relatively speaking). It was essentially a battery and a cartridge full of pre-filled e-liquid that screwed onto the battery. While this was (and still is) a great entry-level device, it’s just that: entry-level. As such, most people nowadays don’t use these, particularly because the vape market is much more established today than it was over a decade ago.

Vape Pens

After a few years of cig-a-likes dominating the market, vape pens came into existence. These were essentially slightly bigger cig-a-likes, however the battery was more powerful and you now also had the ability to fill your own e-liquid into a “tank” instead of having to purchase a prefilled cartridge. This was extremely popular because it gave people more flexibility, stronger flavour, and larger vapor output. However, the popularity of vape pens didn’t last long because of the rise of box mods.

Box Mods

If you have never heard of box mods…never mind, of course you have. Who hasn’t heard of box mods? You know those devices that look like boxes with a tank attached onto the top? Yes, that’s a box mod. You have probably seen several celebrities walking around with them. And while they have recently started losing popularity, it’s still not surprising to see people walking around with them. They provide a massive amount of vapor volume, and a clean and clear throat hit. The box mod market became so big at one point, particularly in 2015, that it was cult-like. These mods allowed people to choose their wattage (power) output, which determined the strength of flavour and vapor. What wasn’t there to love above it? However, even this couldn’t last and now it seems like we’re just about back to square one.

Pod Mods

Did you know that the biggest vaping company on the market now is JUUL Labs? Yes, it’s true. It is said that they own over 85% of the vaping market. The sheer dominance of JUUL is quite shocking. So, how did they do it when no other company in the history of the vaping market ever came close to this figure? Simple. They created a unique product with an unbelievable nicotine hit. The JUUL e-cig basically uses a cig-a-like type of battery (but a cooler design), however they offer a prefilled cartridge that snaps onto the battery. Now, you may be wondering: why is this so special? Isn’t this the same as a cig-a-like? While the concept is the same, the product couldn’t be more different. The liquid within the “pod” chamber is thick and uses special nicotine for a wild throat hit. This throat hit mimics a real cigarette far better than any other vaping device ever has or does. It is for this reason why JUUL dominates now.

The Future Going forward, who knows what will come next, especially seeing as though the vaping market evolves every 2-3 years. However, our money is on JUUL and companies like V2 who continue to evolve for their customers.

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