A Guy’s Guide To Gifts For Girlfriends

Posted on Mar 30 2020 - 12:42pm by Editorial Staff

Of the many disagreements between men and women, one of the most polarizing has to be about fashion. For some women, their love of fashion can only be equated to a man’s love of food. While he’s thinking about grilling, she’s thinking of Gucci. He wants pretzels; she wants Prada, and you can’t eat a handbag.

So, when it comes to shopping for their gals, it’s no wonder fellas are lost (and hungry). For those guys needing advice on fashionable gifts for their significant others, here are four gifts sure to please even the most discerning girlfriend.

Birthstone Jewelry

One way to show her how precious she is is to buy her a precious stone, but not just any precious stone. In particular, it should be one that not only shows you care about her but that you also remember her birthday! (Don’t get cocky, though. Double-check before you buy.) Whether it be a necklace, earrings or bracelet, the birthstone makes it meaningful.

It’s also best to do your research. Each birthstone represents not only a birth month but also a concept. For instance, July’s ruby represents vitality, the turquoise of December represents friendship and March’s aquamarine represents serenity. So, armed with this knowledge, you can truly impress your partner by showing off a little birthstone trivia.

Kimono Robe

Whether she’s a fashionista or a farm girl, a formal dresser or a casual dresser, your lady is sure to appreciate a luxurious kimono robe. Unlike your standard, frumpy, cotton bathrobe, kimonos are sleek and sexy, but still comfortable. Plus, they’re versatile and transcend any singular style, meaning they can be worked into any wardrobe.

A traditional Japanese garment, the kimono dates back thousands of years. In Asian culture, it was intended to be worn for special occasions, like tea ceremonies, weddings and funerals. Gifting your significant other with a kimono robe shows you care about her comfort, while also being fashion-conscientious enough to know what looks good on her.


Women love accessories — they are the guy equivalent of gadgets — like little whatnots that are cool to collect and that, at the same time, also express a little bit of her personality. A Louis Vuitton scarf, a Gucci pill case or a Prada clutch bag in her favorite color will have your better half smiling from ear to ear.

To choose the right accessory, consider her interests. Does she play tennis? Then a charm bracelet would be perfect. Is she into music? Perhaps stylish earbuds are the answer. As long as the accessory has some thought behind it and has a unique meaning to her, you’re in the clear.


The key to purchasing the right type of lingerie that your lady will love — and will therefore actually wear — is to carefully consider what she likes, not simply what you imagine she will appreciate. Still, in a best-case scenario, there will be some overlap here.

From a woman’s perspective, quality lingerie is well-made and leaves something to the imagination, so cross crotchless panties off your list. Also, omit anything too trendy. Items like cutout bodysuits may look great in ads, but don’t flatter most women’s bodies.

In fact, the safe bet is to buy something similar to what she already owns. You know that sliver of metal that runs under your lady’s bra cup that looks like a sultan’s sword? It’s called an underwire, and women either love them or hate them. If most of her bras have the sultan’s sword, then an underwire bra is sure to be a hit. No sultan’s sword? Go with a bralette.

Pick Something Straight From the Heart

Men and women may not always see eye to eye on fashion, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t score your lady a fashionable gift. Whether you choose quality lingerie, personalized accessories, a stylish kimono robe or birthstone jewelry, she’ll be happy with your choice as long as your gift comes from the heart.

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