8 Great Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Dating

Posted on Jan 5 2016 - 6:33am by Editorial Staff


You asked her out, she agreed – what’s next? Long hours of brainstorming ideas for your date, asking on forums, bothering friends… Pause. Choose something from the following list of date ideas recommended by Russian Dating Agency.

Go for a walk

This idea may seem so obvious and trite, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. Wandering about the town on your first date is an excellent opportunity to have fun communicating with a person you like. As talking will be your main pastime remember to stay in control and avoid certain topics that are not appropriate for a date.

Go to an outdoor concert

During the warm period of the year, there are a lot of options for outdoor dates. Ask your girl to go to an open-air concert or to watch an outdoor movie. As you won’t be able to communicate during the performance or movie, take a short stroll prior to it. Check the nearest venues in your social network communities or ask around.

Explore the local zoo

Get a bit childish and go to the zoo. You won’t have trouble selecting a topic for a conversation. Animals are everywhere – talk about them. Also, you may discuss your childhood experiences being inspired by lots of children around you. Feeding animals together is a great part of this kind of date.

Get active

Spending time together doing active sports is another great idea for the first or the following dates. Have the time of your life at the skating rink, rollerdrome, or karting track.

Go bowling

You don’t need any previous experience or special skills. It’s a fun indoor activity that will be well-combined with a conversation. This option is for those who doesn’t want to split your date into a pre-date part, during which you just have a small conversation and the main part, that is your main activity for that evening (movies, concert, or some other pastime that won’t let you talk a lot). Bowling is a compromise for both of these parts as you can play and talk simultaneously. Just for entertainment, you may make a bet that the one who wins will get or do something.

Go to the right bar

If you ask your girl out to the bar, make sure there are a billiard table, some board games such as shuffleboard or chess, and some table games such as table hockey or football.  If it wasn’t for those activities, the only way to break an awkward silence between you would be to sip your drink and try to force the conversation.

Go to a planetarium

If there is a planetarium in your city, choose it as a venue of your date. It makes an excellent idea when it’s cold outside or when the night lights of your big city don’t let you enjoy the starry sky. There is so much romance in the stars and planets, so both of you will definitely love it.

Take a dance class

You can have a great time doing the things you’ve never done before. If both of you haven’t ever taken a master class in cooking or dancing, it’s the right time to. All you need to do is to think through possible activities that will be interesting both for you and your girl. Take care of a special outfit that may be needed for your date.

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