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Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 12:03am by Adam Prattler

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There’s nothing more frustrating to a writer than having a writer’s block when they’ve already allotted their entire day to write an epic article.

I mean, it’s like waiting for your ALL TIME favorite TV series all week long, and when the time strikes for the series to start, you suddenly end-up having a power outage in your area. Sigh…

I know the feeling all too well. And it’s exactly because of that that I’m writing this article. Since writing plays a GINORMOUS role in guest posting or in internet marketing as a whole, I’ll share with you my techniques in curing the writer’s block.

If you follow these tips, then you may never experience a writer’s block ever again. Yep. It’s that good!

Without further adieu, here are my tips…

1. Ask questions

Friends, you have no idea how powerful asking a question is especially when placed in the context of article writing.

Think about it, if you write 50 questions and you’ll answer these questions one by one, chances are you’ll probably be able to finish your article without even knowing it.

So here’s how I do it. Once I’ve already decided what the article’s title is, I then create the sub categories of the title. Once the subcategories are already written, I write gazillions of questions within the subcategories.

From there I then start answering all the questions as comprehensive as I can. I then do the proofreading, editing, and adding in some word plays to make the article more “readable”.

This technique has been a biggie for me since it almost always works as far as getting rid of the writer’s block.

2. Compare like a mad man!

Especially if you’re in the technology niche or you have a specific gadget that you’re trying to write about, comparing like a madman should make you write UBER FAST!

The good thing is, you’ll never run out of things to compare to. As an example, instead of comparing one Smartphone from another, to add humor, you can compare a Smartphone to Chuck Norris instead.

This will surely add humor and intrigue to your prospect readers.

Of course, if you use this strategy, just make sure that your write-up adds TONS of value to the readers. Just remember that ultimately, your goal should be to provide value to your readers.

3. Talk about the past and the future

Regardless of what topic you’ll write about, I’m sure that that topic has a past of some sort and hopefully a future. If you capitalize on this, you should have a lot to write about.

Just be cautious though on when using this technique. Make sure that you add an interesting twist on the past or you are at least able to present the past in an interesting light. The thing is, there’s a chance that people end-up bored when reading about the past when they aren’t really expecting it.

That said; use this technique sparingly and carefully.

4. Think about the topic’s different elements

Almost any kind of topic has different elements to it that you can write about.

As an example, when talking about gadgets, you can talk about its price, features, advantages and disadvantages (among many others). You’ll surely have a lot to write about if you consider your topics different elements.

5. Share your opinion about the topic

We all have our own “take” on a topic. Whether we find the topic good or bad doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you mean what you say and say what you mean.

This kind of writing adds personality and character to your write-up. Others will even find your writing refreshing considering how you don’t just conform to the norms (supposing that you aren’t) and are telling things as they are based on your point of view.

6. Using cause and effect

The cause and effect technique has a lot of application to it. But based on my experience, this seems to be working a lot better on “how to articles” or DIY articles.

I tend to get more feedback from the readers if I incorporate the cause and effect on almost every step of the guide. I guess that’s because this technique doesn’t just talk about the action but it also talks about the principle behind the action.

7.  Point out the topics pros and cons

This really amazes me. While I’m 100% sure that you agree with me about this technique being obvious and self explanatory, I’ve been seeing a lot of people suffering from the writer’s block when they can simply use this technique.

This technique is one of the simplest and easiest to use but a lot of writers tend to forget about it and ultimately suffer from the writer’s block.

That said, be sure that you aren’t one of them. Don’t forget to use this technique when the occasion requires it. Don’t worry… It’s free. J

Isn’t amazing how there are tons of ways to rid yourself of the writer’s block?

These techniques are proven and tested to work so don’t ever hesitate to use ‘em if you encounter one of those days.

It’s your time to shine!

Now I’m almost 100% sure that you have your own way of getting rid of the writer’s block. Whatever your technique is, I urge you to share it in the comments section below so we can all discuss it and learn from each other.

I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!

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