7 Creative Ways To Display Glass Bottles And Jars

Posted on Sep 4 2018 - 6:37am by Editorial Staff

Decorating your home and giving it a personal look is always fun. Everybody has an image of a home that he or she would love to live in. However, decorating home can be extremely expensive and you might not always get things that match your taste. All those useless wine bottles, mason jars and other glass bottles can be transformed to look extremely pretty and you can even customize it to your need. The best part about being creative with these bottles and jars is that you can even put them to good use and not just decorative items.

Here are seven creative ways to display glass bottles and jars:

Fairy Lights

This is probably the easiest way to make use of your glass bottles. Take an empty wine bottle or a mason jar. Wash and dry it thoroughly before using it. If you have fairy lights lying around in the house, you can use them. You can get different colours for the lights as per your requirement. All you have to do is insert those fairy lights carefully in the bottles or jars. Make sure you don’t break the lights. You can use three or four bottles for a long strand of light. These go well with your desk or chest of drawers.

Soap Dispenser

You can upgrade your boring soap dispenser using the small bottles and mason jars that are not too big. You can use any old pump that you have or purchase a new one. All you have to do is drill a hole in the lid of the jar. Put your pump through the lid and make sure you seal it with glue so that it does not keep moving. If you want to extra creative, you can also decorate these jars and bottles with pebbles or glitters and match them with your bathroom tiles.

Chalkboard Paint

You can personalize your jars and bottles using chalkboard paints. It is an extremely easy and fun way to do so. All you have to do is purchase chalkboard paint. You can use this chalkboard paint on wine bottles to label them. Paint a strap or a square shape on the bottle and then use chalk to label them accordingly. You can use the paint on Mason jars to personalize them. You can also name the drinks on the jars using chalkboard paints for a party.

Pineapple Gift

You can use this creative way to gift someone a wine bottle with a twist. For this, you will need lots of Ferrero Rocher and a paper cut of pineapple leaves. Use glue to stick Ferrero Rocher on the bottle except on the neck of the bottle. Stick the chocolates in such a way that the bottom is stuck on the bottle. Use the pineapple leave cut out to stick on the neck of the bottle. Your final result would be a cute pineapple looking wine bottle surrounded by Ferrero Rocher.


All you need is some candle wax, a candle wick and glass jar to make new candle jar. You can melt old candle wax in a pan and mix them. You can also add colours and essential oils to it to make it look even more colourful and smell better. Hold the candle wick in a mason jar and pour the candle wax on it. Make sure some amount of wick is still visible through which you can light the candle. You can also decorate the jars with spray paints and glitters before putting the candle wax in it.

Storage Jars

You can use mason jars to store things in your house. You can use old toys to decorate it for storing candies. Stick old toy cars and animals on the lid of the jar. Use spray paint to colour them. You can make them as colourful as you want. Pour some candy in those jars and close them with that awesome lid. You can also use a wooden knob instead of animals to decorate it. You can use chalkboard paint to label these jars.

Desk Organizers

Bottles and jars are excellent desk organizers. If you don’t want to decorate them, you can use them as it is. All you have to do is organize your stationery items into these jars and bottles. You can put all your markers in one and paint brushes in other. You can also use those small jars to put paper clips and stapler pins. If you want to go extra creative, you use the jars and bottles to make a hanging storage. All you need is a leather strap, a jar and a hammer.

These are some of the easiest and creative way of using bottles and jar. You can always add your pinch of creativity and personalize them.

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