6 Web Design Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

Posted on Dec 7 2017 - 6:07pm by Editorial Staff

As a business man, you would be aware of the fact that a website plays a very crucial role in the whole process of marketing. Henceforth, there arises a need that the website you have created for your business should be very crisp and clear. Gone are those days, when unique and tempting websites were the key to attract viewers and customers.

Commonly while designing their websites, there are some mistakes which are generally made. Below is a list of few web designs mistakes that should be avoided.

It Should Not Be Confusing

Always have a clear picture in your mind regarding what your website is about and what it wants to deliver to its customers; what would be its theme and so on. Otherwise, a blurred mind image of all these questions will lead to a confusing website. It may happen that you like more than one themes or designs and try to inculcate all those in your website to make it look attractive. But don’t forget that the result incurred by this step of your is opposite to that of an attractive website. This leads to a confusing website and hence more confused viewers. So, pre decide everything and make your website as simple and clear as you can.

The Use of Content Should Be Proper

It’s a very common mistake that you often want to imbibe everything in your website. But, this should not be the case. Content is what tells the viewers about your business and your position in the market. Make sure that you manage your content well. Nor it should look too filled up, nor it should be too empty, rather viewers prefer to read well managed text. Apart from the text, you can also use visuals wherever possible. Make the font of the txt bold and enlarged, wherever you want to lay emphasis. Also try and make use of clear and attractive fonts. Do not add too much of the content, in a single paragraph. Make use of paraphrasing wisely. Above it, the white space which will be left out, make use of that also in an intelligent manner. There are a few small business web designs which can be found over the internet and made use of.

Proper Contact Information Should Be Provided

Always make sure that your website consists of a separate column of contact. Not providing with contact information on the websites is a very common mistake which people tend to make. Lack of contact information leads to frustrated users and you will tend to lose customers. So, remember and provide for your contact information. Also make sure that the phone numbers and email ids which you are providing are in use and you tend to use them at regular time intervals. Also, if you are not willing to provide for phone number or email ids, you can also opt for using forms for contact purposes.

Avoid Using Hideous Images

Make use of the images which are relevant to your context. All the images you add to your website should be of high quality. If this will not be the case, then the end result would be blurred images. Do not use irrelevant images, otherwise, your visitors will be confused about the information you want them to receive. So, always use relevant and high quality images.

Avoid the Usage of Awful Call to Action

Call to actions is certain types of hyperlinks which you add to your website, so that the visitors get ample and relevant information about the text which you have hyperlinked. Always make sure that the link which you are using for hyper linking is relevant and contains all the information which would be expected by the user. In other cases, the users are tending to feel irritated and leave the sites. So, make sure that the call to actions used by you is relevant.

It Should Provide for Clear Directions and Picture

It’s very common mistake that the people are generally unable to understand the right amount of information which their website should contain. Either they fill up their websites with too much information or the information they provide is not sufficient. So, keep in mind that the information you are providing gives complete information about who you are, what are your services and the other details which the viewer would expect to know from you. Make sure that all the information you are providing should be very crisp and concise.

The above stated are a few tips applying which you can create a better website and which will be very helpful for you in managing your customers. A good website would be very helpful to you in the long run. Make sure that you keep in mind all the above stated tips while you make or manage your website.

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