5 Ways to Determine If Your Home Needs Pest Control

Posted on May 9 2018 - 3:02pm by Editorial Staff

Do you feel like you’re being invested by some nasty creepy crawlies? We’ve seen how pest infestations are in movies (For example, 16 Wishes) and they do over exaggerate a bit. However, it is not that far-fetched. Infestations can go overboard if not treated soon enough and you’ve been seeing these signs, you might be in a pickle. Well fear not, we are bringing you five signs to look out for in your home to determine whether it needs pest control or not. These will ensure that you protect your home from animals and pest.

Eerie Noises

Unless you’re a ghost believer, weird noises while you’re sleeping could mean that your house is infested. Mice and rats are known to move around walls and create tapping noises. As the search for food at that time of night, they often produce those sounds, Therefore, this should be a cause for your concern to call an exterminator. Another cause of concern would be that rodents are known to multiply rapidly. Or you know, your house might just be haunted.

Weird Smells

Pests dying can cause foul smells that spread around your home. This could be a huge sign that it is infested and should be taken care of immediately. Musty odor can also be produced through swarms of insects of various kinds. Pests are known to leave traces wherever they go, whether it is in the form of excreta or smell, they are quite prominent so this is one aspect of pests to look out for while determining. If you are particularly sensitive to smell of any kind, this could become bothersome although it will be easier for you to trace it down to some extent.


If you find yourself cleaning weird chunks of unknown excreta that’s in strange corners of your house, then you might be faced with an infestation. As pests have lousy excreting habits, they go just about anywhere. Roach excreta looks like grounded pepper and is quite small, whereas Rodent ones can have the size of a grain of rice. Excreta found in areas of your home can be quite embarrassing especially those of house lizards, and no one wants to see that when they step into your home.

Bed Companions

After a night’s sleep the next morning, if you’re faced with scratchy marks on your body, than this might be a cause of bed bugs.  These parasites suck on your blood by living in the fabric of your bed and can be a real pain. However, exterminators are able to get rid of these pests immediately. Don’t let the phrase “ Goodnight, may the bed bugs bite” come true for your home by ignoring the situation. Bed bug infestations can be bothersome and can multiply rapidly the more it is not controlled.


Rats and mice are known for creating damage in and around your home during an infestation. How this can be determined is through teeth marks or even scratch marks. Rats often get hold of furniture and wires and also leave scratches on walls while making nests. No one wants all their precious furniture destroyed by pests, which is why immediate care is crucial in situations as these.

We hope that these signs will help you determine when and if it is time to call an exterminator as these infestations can get out of hand at times. This is crucial because in the long run, infestations can cause dangerous harm to your home and if not treated sooner, may be unable to fix.

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