5 Hiring Tips For Warp-speed Recruiting

Posted on Dec 15 2014 - 8:21am by Alexandra Ashton

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Search for new employees can be a complicated and nerve wrecking process. It is not easy to find an employee who will be the perfect choice for your business. If you do this process old fashioned way you will lose a lot of time but also a lot of your nerves. As the technological world is advancing, business world needs to find a way to keep up. We use technology in almost every aspect in our life and it has made our life a lot easier. There is no way why you shouldn’t use it while looking for new employees. Because of the significantly competitive market, employers and also job seekers need to find a way to speed up this process. If you are searching for new employees, you will need to find a new way for attracting new generation of Millennials. To get some excellent advices about improving recruitment process you should read this great infographic.

If you want to recruit top talent you will need to up your game. To get to the more people you should try engaging in social media. Did you know that 94% of recruiters use (or plan to use) social media to help in their efforts? If present your company on the social networks you will be able to reach a greater number of potential new employees. Diversity of people you can find that way will allow you to quickly find top-notch talent. LinkedIn is a great way to get in contact with prospective new employees because it has a 40% market share of U.S. online job seekers. When you compare that with 10% share that Facebook has, you see why you should make using LinkedIn your priority. In this helpful infographic you will learn what you should do to adapt your recruitment process.


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