5 Cloud Computing Benefits For Businesses

Posted on Dec 6 2016 - 9:44pm by Editorial Staff

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is already present and is definitely going to be the future businesses. Though its advantages are eminent, there are still a great number of businesses yet to embrace the technology. Here is why you should switch to cloud business computing fast.

Before technology brought the internet, handling company data was a literal nightmare. It meant having an entire large room dedicated to archiving company records. It also meant investing in high-security facilities to ensure that your sensitive information is protected. For those who found this costly, storing sensitive information in bank vaults became the next option. Cloud computing has also sold all the issue involved with data handling.

Luckily, today there are many online companies like CloudAcademy that offer cloud training online in order to provide all the knowledge and the skills that you need to know about cloud computing programs and services.

Here are more benefits on cloud computing you should definitely consider.

Reduction in Cost

Since you are moving physical data to an online virtual storage point, it reduces the cost of hardware requirements. This also means low maintenance of your office and power costs. You also don’t need to hire staff who will be handling and standing guard over your archived documents—again, an outsourced IT company does this for you and more.

No Loss of Information

Think about it, how many businesses have lost stored company records to illegal break-ins or fire breakouts? With cloud computing, everything is stored in a virtual data centre where you can retrieve them anytime. And since we now have smartphones around, you can access any document you want, whatever time you want and from any location of your choice.

The cloud also acts as your data backup point. So when you lose your current physical files, you can download them afresh from the cloud and produce new files.

Centralised Access

The cloud connects several computers together within an organisation. This means any of your employees has access to the documents they need without having to move from one department to another requesting for it. So no more internal memos from your boss asking you to personally deliver the new inventory to their office by noon.


The cloud is a concrete online vault protected by SSL encryption. Furthermore, cloud computing companies ensure they update their security measures frequently to ensure your business is not hacked into by new modes of attack. Thus your data will always be safe.


As your company transactions grow, so does your cloud storage. You don’t have to shift from your tiny storage to a rented warehouse, just buy more cloud space and it’s business as usual. Add in more ram and processing power for your company computers and you can manage as much information as you want.

Business Agility

Just by switching to a cloud business setup, your IT system gets a big boost in efficiency. Projects are delivered faster and your company finally levels up the competition. Every other business is switching to cloud computing, so you have no reason to be left out

Bottom Line

There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by switching to the cloud business. Your projects run faster, you have ample room to archive or manage data, and your information is always safe and retrievable anytime.

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