3 Heated Jackets To Keep You Warm This Winter

Posted on Oct 23 2013 - 12:31am by Mallory Kramer


Humans aren’t built for the cold; it’s as simple as that. Our mostly hairless bodies just aren’t cut out for cold temperatures and, on top of that, the cold doesn’t always fight fair; it bites and sometimes it bites really hard. Fortunately for us resourceful humans, where our body design may not always be equip to battle the elements, our mental ingenuity makes up for it. We won’t take too cold for an answer and after ponchos, pullovers, parkas, and layers of wool and down, we’ve figured out how to make electric heat both portable and wearable.

So don’t let the cold boss you around; take control of your comfort this winter with heated jackets and hoodies that will keep you toasty on even the most unforgiving cold days.   Harnessing the power of compact lithium-ion battery technology, heated jackets keep you warm despite extremely cold temperatures. Owing to adjustable heat and optimized core heat zones, these innovative jackets deliver active heat that keeps your body prepared for any curve ball the cold might throw.

Because there are many different styles available to match your needs and your personal taste, heated jackets will keep you warm in any environment. Whether you’re commuting, working or playing, these jackets offer hours of core body warmth and continuous heat. But which heated outerwear option is best for you? Though there are many styles to choose from, the following three options will help you say goodbye to painfully cold days and hello to the perfect heated outerwear.

Number 1: Heated High-Collar Jacket

Made by Milwaukee Electric Tools, this heated jacket, available in black and red, offers both great style and functionality. It’s sleek, it’s wearable to any occasion and, with 5 different heating zones located in the chest, pockets and upper-back, the jacket will keep you warm and confident wherever this winter takes you. For maximum winter-weather preparedness, the jacket features a soft fleece interior lining and a water and wind resistant polyester shell; this keeps your warmth in keeps the cold weather out. Powered by Milwaukee’s compact REDLITHIUM 12V batteries, the jacket offers up to 6-hours of continuous heat. The battery holder additionally features a fuel gauge so you ‘ll know when you need to charge or switch packs and a USB port to charge youe USB compatible electronic devices. The jacket and battery/charger kit is available for roughly $200.

Though many brands currently fabricate heated jackets with a one cut fits all mentality, Milwaukee also offers this heated jacket specifically designed for women. Featuring a different cut for a more feminine fit and different heat-zones for optimal warmth, this black jacket (with a high-collar and pink zippers on 2 front pockets) offers targeted heat and style ideal for a woman’s body and winter-weather needs. Like the mens’ option, the complete jacket kit sells for about $200.

Number 2: Heated Zip-Up Hoodie

For those who prefer a more casual look, Milwaukee also offers heated zip-up hoodies. Also powered by M12 REDLITHIUM batteries, the jackets offer continuous, adjustable warmth wherever the day takes you. Available in red, khaki and gray, the hoodies are soft, warm, stylish and machine washable. Lined with waffle-weave thermal material and cuffed with durable rib-knits at the wrist and waist, the hoodies offer maximum comfort and heat retention. If you work outdoors, the jackets’ hoods (also lined) are large enough to fit over a hard-hat. With three heat-zones targeted to keep your core warm and your blood circulating, the hoodies offer the best of comfort, style and innovative functionality. You can find the hoodie and battery/charger kit available for around $150.

Number 3: Heated Camo Jacket

Made by Dewalt, this heated camo jacket is available in both traditional camo and blaze orange camouflage. The jacket features a noise limiting, water and wind resistant shell with a high-collar and removable hood. Also featuring 4 heat-zones located in the chest, mid-back and collar, the jacket provides optimal warmth in even severely cold conditions. The camouflage theme of the jacket makes it both stylish and totally ideal for outdoor winter sports or recreation and because it’s compatible with both Dewalt’s 12V MAX and 20V MAX Lithium Ion batteries, the jacket offers hours of continuous, adjustable warmth. In addition to a battery fuel gauge, the jacket’s power source also charges USB compatible devices. The jacket kit with battery and charger is available for about $230.

In summary, there’s no sense in freezing your socks off this winter. Don’t let the cold keep you miserable this winter by taking charge of your own comfort. Maintain your optimal temperature by sporting one of these high-quality heated jackets.

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