Rebranding Your Company – It Can Sting Or Sing

Posted on Apr 28 2017 - 3:34pm by Editorial Staff

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Rebranding your business can be a risky route to go down, but at the same time, it could be completely necessary or, better yet, a huge success that sees’s you quadruple your revenue. Cough. Subway. Cough. The campaign is now only known as Jared’s campaign. Anyway, the only way to ensure your rebrand is going to be a total success, like the Top 10 according to, is to make sure that you plan your attack as thoroughly as possible. You will want to create yourself a walkthrough guide that leaves as little down to chance as possible.

The bigger picture needs to be understood. You need to know what your rebranding goals are, how you hope to achieve and through what strategies, and you need to know exactly why you are taking a risk on re-branding yourself. All of these are super-duper important. Seriously. Don’t let our use of the term ‘super-duper’ take away from that.

Nothing Sells Like A Story Sells

The reason a backstory should make up the fundamental part of your re-branding strategy is this: connection. Yeah. A brand’s back story has a way of forging a connection between your company and your customers because it calls on their most basic human emotions. It gives them something to relate to and believe in, and both of those things will give you something they can buy into. A backstory is common ground on which you can then build trust and carve out an image for yourself.

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Never Compromise On What You Have Established

You may well be considering a rebrand because you want to increase sales, but this is where you run a risk. Something as simple as changing your packaging could put your brand’s equity at stake, and that will often put the trust you have built up at stake too. Tropicana is a great example of this when it changed its packaging back in 2009 and ended up hurting its existing customer base hugely. By 20% in fact.

More Streamlined Than Concorde

When you rebrand your business, you have to do it in the most streamlined fashion imaginable. The new name, the design, the updated logo, the new imagery and typography, the staff uniforms, the website and high street stores; it all needs to be done in a streamlined fashion and, according to, the cherry on the top of this multi-tiered cake is the actual launch. The best way to streamline your efforts here is to seek the advice of re-branding specialists and consultants, and together do all the research you possibly can, research that will help you shape your new identity.

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The Key Is To Revitalise Yourself

When it comes to building on your existing success and reaching a wider ranging audience, the key is to revitalise your brand, and that can come from researching where your current success lies. The most obvious example of a revitalised re-branding is Old Spice. After their rebrand, their website traffic went up by over 300% and their sales almost matched that. And because of what? Oh, they realised that women buy more men’s products than men, which is how they came up with the whole, “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” campaign. Whoa. It worked big time.

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