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I2Mag, an Internet & Design Inspiration Magazine having emphasis on empowering and inspiring people by spreading the waves of knowledge. The magazine is the property of G2One Network Private Limited, INDIA. Founded in late 2011, I2Mag reaches out thousands of visitors every day. I2Mag is an independent news source dedicated to covering start-ups, reviewing internet products, social media, digital culture, technology news, travel and lifestyle, how-to and business. I2Mag is committed to reporting on all companies and individuals in fairly and without bias method.

Our work of ethics:

  • There are no hidden advertisements in our articles.
  • We are not using any kind of affiliate marketing in our articles.
  • Our sponsors have no influence on the content of our magazine.
  • We respect the rights of our authors, designers and developers. We would never publish links to illegal sources that reproduce the work of other people or that violate author’s rights. This holds as far as we can detect illegal sources or a copyright infringement.
  • We always provide the sources of articles or books that we cite in our articles.

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