Media Invite(s)

Let’s Make Your EVENT BiG Through Our Media Coverage Offering!!! Yes, you heard it right ~ the media coverage. Consider a situation in which you got your product ready to offer but don’t know on how to make it spread like waves among peeps around the world. Well, this is where, I2Mag comes forefront for you.

I2Mag got a huge experience in covering not one, not two but many events in the past, then no matter whether the event is related to tech-related products OR the travel-related. In short, we are always are forefront in covering the best.

Each I2Mag Coverage is tailored to the specific needs of our end clientele, and which includes –

  1. Pre-event discussions, where, we ~ the I2Mag along with the end clientele thoroughly understand the end requirements i.e. what they are aiming at, what the vision behind and so on.
  2. The coverage may include live FB video coverage, blog post, pictures and lots more.
  3. A well researched coverage will be done with enthusiasm and expertise.
  4. Coverage area includes both National (within India) and International (outside India).
  5. A post-session discussion with the client, as wherever required to make sure that expectations were met and what more will be required in order to make it more bigger in the next event coverage.

Categories Which We Covers

A long list ~ actually we are open to cover anything which is really good and which we feels that will be beneficial for people around the world in the long run.

Clients We Served In The Past (Selected Clientèle)

Do We Charge For Coverage?

YES, there is a fee involved. Every good coverage requires a lot of planning and time and will includes a lots of things to be taken care of.

Please feel free to drop us an initial email discussing the things and accordingly we will share the best quote with you.

Start The Initial Conversation With

Pitching us in brief with the event details, the date(s) and what you are considering to be included in the coverage from our side with your contact details (email and direct phone number) and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours time.


Our emails to begin the conversation on discussing the things – /