3 Reasons To Have A UK Staycation This Year

Posted on Apr 28 2022 - 12:28pm by Editorial Staff

The pandemic has dealt a powerful detrimental blow to many people around the world. Many have been forced to forego or postpone well-needed vacations. But now that things are winding down, many people are looking to take the vacations they desperately need. And who can blame them? The last two years have been particularly taxing. But should UK residents travel overseas or stay home for their vacations? Here are three reasons you should consider a local vacation this year.

#1 A UK Staycation is More Environmentally (and Budget) Friendly than Overseas Options

A staycation is more environmentally friendly than overseas vacations. By staying in the UK for your vacation, you’ll be reducing your transportation costs as well as your carbon footprint as you won’t need to travel as much to get to your location. It will also be less of a hassle as you won’t need to get travel documents together and you can easily backtrack to handle issues that may come up (for instance a sick child or a forgotten essential item).

Another convenient perk is the fact that a local vacation keeps you on familiar territory so you’ll have no need for currency conversion, time difference calculations, language translation or attempts at understanding foreign customs. And your journey home is less likely to leave you jetlagged once your vacation is over.

#2 The UK Has Some Amazing Options for Vacationers

The UK is home to a plethora of natural parks, nature trails and beaches which makes it a splendid location for those who enjoy exploring nature. There are so many natural gems to explore in the UK that you’ll have plenty to do for your vacation. From the gorgeous sun-kissed beaches of East Sussex and Kent to Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge, the UK will wow you with its wealth of natural beauties. You won’t run out of gorgeous, awe-inspiring scenery.

The UK also has some of the best facilities for vacationers. UK hotels like the Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire offer guests exquisite dining, eye-catching scenery and a plethora of in-hotel events.

#3 UK Staycations Help the Local Economy

When you choose to have your holiday in the UK you are contributing to the economy. Local restaurants, hotels and attractions get a financial boost when locals decide to vacation at home. And of course, this means their employees benefit as well. What a great way to enjoy yourself while helping the local economy to thrive in this post COVID19 environment! As you mull over your vacation options, do give a UK staycation some serious consideration. A world of delights awaits you!

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