Six Ways To Improve Your Team’s Working Culture

Posted on Dec 23 2020 - 8:39am by Editorial Staff

We all know that the people behind your business make a huge difference to your working culture. Your team is crucial not just to your business’s longevity, but to day to day working life too. As more and more of the workforce search for jobs that offer more than a simple 9-5, a strong company culture can help you attract and retain a team fully on board with your values.

Implement real flexibility

Overhauling your company culture can feel daunting, especially within larger organisations that are more used to traditional ways of working. However, introducing a new mindset step by step will soon see your team fully embracing a new company culture.

The first step to transforming your working environment is to make flexibility a real priority.   Dedicated agile consultancies like Fractal Systems help businesses undergo full agile transformation, to help make flexible, productive processes natural. As more organisations look for a way to adapt to constant changes in the business world, agile principles help you put resilient, flexible working first. Rather than sticking to a regimented working pattern that doesn’t allow for any bumps in the road, agile working principles build a company culture that can take any unexpected changes in its stride.

Build transparency

Transparency isn’t just a great way to keep your entire team up to date with the progress of your business, it can help build better relationships both internally and externally too. Greater levels of transparency give everyone in your organisation a shared sense of purpose and builds trust between all levels of management. To implement transparency within your working culture, it’s important to help your entire team understand why and how you’re working, as well as clearly outlining exactly what their role in the business is.

Make your values a priority

Without a shared purpose to bind you and your team together, your organisation could run the risk of losing sight of your goals and shared achievements. Your values seep into every aspect of the way your business is run. Whether you want to keep your colleagues accountable or ensure your organisation is structured in a certain way, value-led company culture can help you positively align your colleagues and wider business model. It’s worth noting that more and more of the workforce are looking for more from their job too; agile working principles that streamline your working day and enable a clear, value-driven focus will help you both attract and retain the highest quality team.

Listen to your team’s needs

Rather than a more traditional top-down approach, modern working cultures focus on shared collaboration between every member of your team. Ultimately, this gives all your colleagues a higher level of independence, so they can best solve problems, and create a higher quality of work. A strong working culture is built on leadership, rather than management. By creating  an environment in which all your co-workers can speak freely, you can actively listen to their needs, and implement changes that will help cement real change within your working culture.

Focus on the right result, not the fastest one

When deadlines take centre stage, it can be difficult to make quality a real priority within your work. However, making sure focus is always placed on the highest quality work within your projects has multiple benefits for your company culture. Trusting your team to create the best work possible, without adhering to impossibly tight deadlines means you can always deliver on both your team’s enjoyment of their work and their ability to present your clients with the best possible end result.

Keep communications flowing

For the best results, flexibility needs to be ingrained in both your working processes and the way your team interacts. That means making easy, constant communications an integral part of your working day. Boosting team morale, a regular stream of communication means your relationships will become stronger, and you’ll be able to brainstorm and share positive ideas more quickly. Regular feedback and brainstorming sessions also help build positive bonds between coworkers and colleagues. None of us want to feel as if we’re not being listened to at work. Rather than annual feedback sessions feeling like a chore, integrating regular back and forth suggestions and feedback into your work culture gives every member of your team the chance to have their say. This will make sure your corporate culture never stays stagnant, but is open to moving forwards with new ideas.

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