Why Take A Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 10:08am by Victoria Heckstall


Taking an MOOC or massive open online courses, are a great way to get a taste of what the coursework would be like for your desired field of study. Those that wish to pursue careers in education or the medical field often takes MOOC opportunities to help their chances of receiving a scholarship or special merit in some secondary schools. For those wishing to pursue a career in education, teacherinformation.org offers valuable information as to why these courses should be taken and what courses to take.

Obtain a Certificate of Completion

While a certificate of completion is in no way a symbolization of completing a degree or deeming anyone an expert, it shows that the footwork has begun. This certificate shows colleges, universities and potential employers that your desire to work in a specified field, including education and health care, is there. The certification of completion can be seen by some potential employers as an opportunity to extend an offer for employment upon the completion of a teaching or medical degree.

Better Chance of Getting a Scholarship

Although MOOC does not count toward college credit, it does help your chances of obtaining a scholarship to an accredited school. When applying for scholarships, a copy of the certificate/s of completion should be included with the completed packet. This shows dedication and the desire to continue schooling in select career paths. If several courses are completed, it shows versatility and that you intend on taking a variety of classes in college to obtain a well-rounded degree. With this being a fact, it shows a scholarship committee that you will have more than one career path or job opportunity to consider upon graduation. A scholarship committee is more likely to grant someone with more options a scholarship to further their education so that the education provided in college is used every day.

Most Programs are Free

Most of these programs are either free or have very low costs associated with them. The fact that the courses are online reduces the requirement for staff. Staff is available to help but this is from a remote location where they can answer questions and assist students by working shorter shifts or at their leisure. The free courses are in place to help students decide if the career path they are contemplating is really for them. Saving the money toward higher education is beneficial, especially when a change in career path takes place. Another benefit is the opportunity to complete an internship for real world experience in the profession of choice.

Once you have enrolled in MOOC explore the other courses that are available as well. The decision to take more than one might be made. This expands the knowledgebase of a student and opens up more doors for educational and employment opportunities. It may become apparent that a different career path should be taken as it is enjoyed and understood more. With these courses being available, it can be considered as an introduction to the school work that will be experienced in higher education facilities.

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