In-Demand Degree Courses In 2014

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To get into a lucrative career in 2014, the following article offers an overview of hot degree courses to pursue in 2014. Take a look….

Choosing a right career path starts with selecting a right educational program. We all want to make sure that a degree we choose offers us well paid job opportunities. If you are planning to pursue a degree in the coming next year, here we share some degrees that are going to be much more in-demand.

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

If you are passionate about seeing a career in technology field, a degree in computer science can be an appropriate choice for you. In current market scenario and coming year, all businesses are relying on technology for everything ranging from selling, networking, recruiting and marketing. In such a situation, pursuing a degree in computer science opens up several job opportunities in different industries.

You can pursue the degree from any reputed engineering college or institution. This degree allows students to learn the required computer languages, engineering, network design and programming skills. This degree also offers gateway to a successful career as a software developer, whose demand is expected to increase by 30 percent during 2010-2020, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Bachelor’s in Finance

Finance and related issues are always the key topics of economic discussion amongst business leaders. A bachelor’s degree in finance offers global career and is an apt choice in 2014. A degree in finance opens several career choices in different fields such as accounting, business administration, and economics.

You may choose any lucrative finance course such as international finance, financial management and financial analysis. This degree can help you to become a financial analyst, whose demand is projected to grow by around 23 percent during 2010-20.

Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration

If you would love to be a part of service industry, a degree in healthcare administration is a good career plan for you. Due to a growth in healthcare industry, the demand for professionals in the field is increasing to provide health services to the aging population. Courses in the field include diverse topics such as physiology, anatomy, health care ethics, and human resources management.

As per the Department of Labor, the employment opportunities for professionals in the field are estimated to witness the job growth of about 22 percent during 2010-20.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Degree in Business Administration remains to be an option with excellent career opportunities. This degree offers knowledge in different areas like human resource, marketing, leadership and finance. An MBA degree can be pursued from any reputed B-college. Potential career in the field include financial advisor that are going to see huge demand in the future.

Graduates in business administration will attract more employment opportunities in 2014 also as the Department of Labor expects management jobs to grow by 32 percent during 2010-20.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

In today’s competitive corporate world, marketing has always been crucial for the successful working of any business. This makes pursuing a degree in marketing a good career decision. Marketing courses develop the important marketing skills required in communication, branding, market research and marketing strategy.

Career in advertising, marketing management, and international marketing are all possible by pursuing a degree in the respective field. With potential growth of 14 percent during 2010-20, this degree course becomes the much in-demand degree in 2014.

So, choose any one of the above mentioned bachelor’s degree programs as per your career plans and interest areas. These hot degrees will add up in your success equation and let you grow professionally.

Happy Learning!

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