Viral Videos: Breakthrough, Strategies, Perfect Fit

Posted on Mar 12 2013 - 6:39pm by Editorial Staff

Gone are the days of having ads being aired on prime time TV and everyone would talk about them. The rules of marketing have changed and the internet is responsible for this. This is the time of internet videos. This begs the question- can you do anything to make your video more popular? Yes, you can:

  1. Viral videos usually fit in to one of a few categories: Funny videos are more often shared by people with their friends on Facebook and Twitter because people think their friends would laugh at it and be amazed by it or that they would get credit for discovering the video. Weird or quirky videos work because the oddity makes them more memorable. Cute is another surefire category to go viral. Lastly, poignant or insightful videos like a professor’s last lecture are also a tried and tested way.
  2. Pay attention to the thumbnail and title too. To increase your chances of going viral, make sure they are both catchy and make the viewer want to open it.
  3. Having a great video is not enough. You have to make sure that it gets visibility, that more and more people can see it. There are various ways to do this, starting from posting it on your social networking pages and asking your friends and followers to share it. Next, you can approach bloggers with a big audience, writers and websites to take a look at your video and convince them to share it with their followers or fans.
  4. Most viral videos are short- lasting for about three minutes. You also have to be able to pull out some emotion from the viewer- a laugh, a cry or just plain worry so that they feel the need to share it.

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