SEO Guide For The Home-Based Business

Posted on Jan 16 2020 - 12:41pm by Editorial Staff

Although more people than ever are launching a new business from home, not many of these entrepreneurs give serious thought to the importance of SEO. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that SEO and digital marketing are only reserved for those big-name brands that dominate a sector. However, no matter the size, scope, or sector of your home business, getting found online is always vital.

SEO is now an essential business strategy for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a local business attracting local customers or you sell all around the world from your home office setup, here are the key SEO areas that you need to be aware of and make use of.

Forget Scale

If you treat your home business like a small, insignificant entity, then you will limit your potential. In the digital age, even the smallest of brands can make an impact. That’s why you need to start viewing your business as just that: a business. Stop limiting your potential and start using SEO as quickly as possible to gain a stronger position in your sector.

Web Design

Although it’s easier than ever to build a website, thanks to dedicated platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and Wix, you still need to align your website design with your SEO goals. Technical SEO can be a big area to learn about, but the crucial takeaways are that your website needs to:

  • Be clear of clutter
  • Branded on every page
  • Broken down into dedicated pages
  • Have customer reviews and testimonials
  • Include a blog
  • Have an About Us page
  • A separate page for every product
  • Include highly visible social sharing buttons

Your Blog

Your content is where your SEO will get the most gains. There are a million guides that can help you create the right content, but they all start with the same rule: learn your keywords. With those keywords as your foundation, you can start to create valuable content that your audience wants to consume. Make sure that your content:

  • Is created with the customer in mind (don’t write for search engines)
  • Is shared to your social pages
  • Makes use of time-relevant content alongside evergreen content
  • Is not a direct copy of the content used by your competitors (learn what they are missing and fill the gap)
  • Uses images, with added alt-text, so search engines understand what those images are

Your blog is going to be a critical component of your online visibility. Take the time to develop a content calendar and keep updated on sector trends and breaking news so that you can create the timely content that your audience will want to read.

Go Big

There are plenty of tools, resources, and businesses available that can give your SEO strategy a major boost. Don’t assume that because you are not a big-name brand that these tools are not for you. Look at the companies that can help you design and implement an SEO strategy. There are many well-known providers of managed SEO services, and using these businesses could propel your home-based business to an entirely new level. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you are starting small you have to remain so. The right SEO strategy could transform the future of your business. SEO can be a huge, sprawling, and ever-changing subject, and the results can take time to be seen. However, in the digital age of business management, you need SEO if you want to be found. No matter what kind of products or services you offer from your home office, prioritize SEO and you level the playing ground. That could mean that you become the industry leader that will drive your business to bigger and better things.

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