Top Reasons Why Customers of Oracle Database Remain Loyal

Posted on Nov 26 2014 - 9:14am by Charlie Brown


A majority of customers who have used Oracle attest to its superior functionality and effectiveness. This data management solution seems to be doing something right. Question is; what makes it tick?

What’s An Oracle Database?

First things first, though, for the sake of those who have no idea what we are discussing here: An Oracle database is simply a unit formed by a collection of data. This database’s purpose is to store as well as retrieve information that is related.

How About Oracle Hyperion Financial Management?

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, otherwise referred to as Oracle HFM, on the other hand, is simply a financial consolidation and reporting application that helps financial managers to rapidly consolidate and report a business entities’ financial results while also reducing the cost of compliance, meeting global regulatory  requirements and delivering confidence in the numbers. The building of Oracle HFM is by using some of the world’s most advanced web technologies.

Now, the key to coming up with solutions to information management problems is the use of a database server. Simply speaking, a server is solely responsible for the management of large data amounts in simultaneous multi-user environments. This is without sacrificing high performance delivery.

Unauthorized Access Protection

At the same time, a database server prevents unauthorized access to data stored while also providing efficient solutions for data recovery in the event of failure.

Oracle Database – A first in many fields

With this understanding of a database server and Oracle, it is important to note here that Oracle Database is actually the first database designed for enterprise grid computing. At the same time, this database is also the most flexible one available, and it offers the most cost effective way to manage applications and information.

Enterprise Grid Computing

Enterprise grid computing simply means that this database is in large pools of modular storage and servers that are industrial standard. In other words, the architecture used to create this database allows rapid provision of each new system, without the need for peak workloads, from the pool of components. Users can re-allocate or add its capacity with ease from these resource pools as required.

Separate Logical and Physical Structures

Again, this database has both physical and logical structures, which are separate. This means that since the two structures are separate and different, the physical storage of data is easily manageable without affecting access to the logical structures of storage.

Low Administrative Costs

Oracle Customers have witnessed the very significant drop in their businesses’ administrative costs by simply using Oracle. Oracle Multitenant has the accreditation of allowing the management of multiple databases as one, which comes with fewer software installations or need for patches in the entire lifeline of their applications. The multitenant also gives businesses more control over their schemas and applications, allowing a better multiple database management.

Here’s the bottom line; as clearly evident from customers of Oracle HFM, this is a must have database management application for any business that seeks efficiency, value and affordable data and performance management.

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