The Mozilla Marketplace IS Now Open For HTML5 App Submission

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 4:27am by Editorial Staff

Just as the news spread last week that Mozilla Marketplace is now open for developers to submit their HTML5 apps. In a blog post, Mozilla give a detailed overview of what to expect from the Marketplace, stating that a developer can build an app using “responsive” design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and what to more is that the app can offer the same look and feel it as a device-native app, without having to rewrite the code again and again for all desired target platform.

On the Marketplace side, Mozilla has been working on identity integration with Persona (BrowserID), developing payments, app sync, backup and recovery, as well as an outstanding online app discovery and acquisition experience, so that both consumers and developers can easily get what they want from the Marketplace experience, on the front side or on the back end. Now, developers can build apps and submit them to the Mozilla Marketplace, making it easy in such a way that when marketplace launches later this year, the apps will be listed and consumers will be able to begin installing and using your apps from the first day of business.

The Mozilla Web Apps platform will feature:

  • The Mozilla Marketplace, the first operating system- and device-independent market for apps based on open Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
  • New Mozilla-proposed APIs that advance the Web as a platform and will be submitted to the W3C for standardization.
  • A new identity system for the Web that puts users in control of their content, tying apps to the user and not the device or platform.
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