Twitter ‘Promoted Tweets’ Making Their Way To iPhone And Android Timeline Soon

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 5:06am by Editorial Staff

The micro-blogging giant, Twitter in the urge of doing more in its “promoted” tweets line-up since from the time it has launched the service two years back, the company is urging more, announced that the promoted tweets (adverts) comes to your iPhone and Android timeline soon, announced through the company blog post.

Twitter says in its most recent app updates is that the Promoted Accounts for iPhone and Android see the changes soon in the coming week, though some people that already having a hold of follow promoted accounts might see promoted tweets in their timeline before ensuring that people see important tweets from the brands they care about. Twitter also promised that user can able to dismiss promoted tweets anytime if they found it as unsuitable and will track the way you do over on Twitter so as to better help users and show the relevant promoted tweet only.

(Image Source: Twitter, Featured Image)

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