The City Of Love Vs The Eternal City (Infographic)

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Paris, The City of Love and The Eternal City, Rome are two of Europe’s most popular destinations. Both are cities rich in history and culture but boast very different architectural designs and monuments throughout their streets. It’s a fact that Paris and Rome are two most preferred vacation spot for travelers in Europe. On one side we have Paris which is the most beautiful city in the world, with its mesmerizing beauty and romantic ambience it becomes more special for the love birds and on the other we have Rome which is well known for its lavish and rich history.

Paris is a city with something for all tastes, originally it was a hotspot destination for creative artists and pioneering architects to come and try out their designs. As a result Paris has wide and varied selection of monuments throughout. Paris is made up of a collection of varied architectural styles from Renaissance, Classical, Art Nouveau, Post –Modern, Medieval, the list is endless. Although these should appear out of place, it is the very mixture of all these styles that make Paris what it is.

Rome on the other hand is very much a historical city with distinctly Roman architecture. This style gave us the Dome, the vault and the arch which can be seen throughout the old streets of Rome. The buildings and monuments still standing from Ancient Rome are a testament to the style and build of the time.

Paris is made up of a gathering of fluctuated building styles from Renaissance, Traditional, Craftsmanship Nouveau, Post –modern, Medieval, the agenda is perpetual. Despite the fact that these may as well seem out of spot, it is the exact mixture of all these styles that make Paris what it is today. On the other hand the edifices and landmarks remaining from Aged Rome are a demonstration of the style and construct of the time. It you are setting the most well known landmarks in both urban communities up against one another like the Eiffel Tower vs. the Trevi Fountain it is extremely difficult to figure out a champ as both draws countless guests every year.

Paris vs. Rome

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