Your Gaming PC: Is It Good Enough?

Posted on Dec 27 2013 - 10:37am by Gareth Walker


One of the primary reasons our customers come to us for a custom-built PC, or for particular components to help them build their own, is because they want to enhance their gaming experience. They are avid gamers, seeking a computer fit for astonishing graphics and fast-paced gameplay; a computer that boasts features your average computer does not. But, when a computer is made that powerful and improved, surely it has other uses, too? Everything you can do on an average, general computer, you can always do better with the increased memory, faster processor, and better quality of video that comes with a custom-made gaming computer. Even if you’re not a gamer, you could still benefit from a gaming computer. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas of what else you could use your gaming PC for…


Companies working with photo or video editing software will really benefit from the improved graphics a quality video card provides in a gaming PC, but a company needn’t  only have to deal with image manipulation to appreciate what a custom-made PC has to offer. Whether your business requires the need for a multiple monitor setup, faster processing or extra storage space, you could select the appropriate components, and know that it will always be easy and cheap to upgrade.

Storing data

If you have accumulated a significant amount of data, whether it is high definition pictures taken through your DSLR, documents, or music, a custom-built PC could act as your very own storage centre. You’re unlikely to print every document you create or picture you take, so ideally, you need a hard drive with a large capacity, big enough to store all of your data, which a gaming desktop PC can provide. It would also be far safer for you to back up your valuable information on a solid hard drive, rather than a flash drive. Faster access speeds will also make the process of sorting through these much less painful, and good graphics capabilities and processors will help if you plan to modify these large files in some way.

Home cinema

With that high-quality video card, those improved graphics and that speedy processor, why not enjoy the cinema experience in your own living room? You can enjoy watching a film that has a better picture, that will not be interrupted, and that you can pause whenever you like, all thanks to your custom-made PC. Your fast processor will ensure that the picture is not jumpy, and does not stop to ‘buffer’, while your impressive graphics will really help to bring the film to life. Beyond other directors’ cuts, you may also find that your own custom-rig allows you to create more of your own home masterpieces, as well as recording game-play at high resolution from whichever games might be your forte.

Photo Credit/Source: Wikimedia/Evan-Amos

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