Fantastic Homemade Food Gifts For New Year

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Giving gifts is a compliment to New Year. It is time to throw all the beads of past year and start a new beginning. There are so many options while selecting a New Year gift. The most interesting is to give some homemade food to your loved ones at the start of the year. Cheer up your friends and family with the magical taste of your hands. Here you go.

Sugar cookies buttons

Make small sugar cookies with following the traditional recipe. Create a whole in the center before baking. Gather them together and add thread in them through button holes. Pack in some wrapping paper and give as gift to your friends.

Vanilla extract made by you

What you need to do is simply slit the vanilla beans and add them in bottle of vodka. After few weeks you will have perfect vanilla extract. Ti the ribbon on the bottle and gift it to your loved ones. They can thus use it in many recipes.

Candy flavored vodka

It is very tasty and simple gift. Just soak the candies of your taste into Mason jar of vodka for three days and in the end you will have tasty candy flavored vodka.

Hot chocolate truffles

It is a fantastic gift to give someone at the start of the year. Just get the chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream and salt. Melt the ingredients on low heat and then refrigerate until they are ready to scoop. Make small scopes and decorate with marshmallows or cinnamon sticks. They will look great. Make photo of your chocolates and createcanvas photo prints to show your creativity.

Pizza night kit

Get the readymade pizza dough and pack the mouthwatering toppings in small packets. Also pack frozen chicken and get them all in gift box. It will be a perfect gift to have fabulous dinner at night.

Lemon cookies

Cheer up your foodie friend or kid with the lemon cookies made at home. Follow the traditional recipe with addition of lemon juice and slices of lemon. Make a beautiful packing by rolling the cardboard and place the paper lid at the ends. Insert the cookies inside and close the lids. Tie it with ribbon and here it is ready for presentation. A wow homemade gift it is.

Delicious nuts box

Make a beautiful box using wood and wrapping sheets. Add all the delicious almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts and walnuts in this box. Decorate with ribbons and write some New Year quote on it. It will make your friend smile.

Grapes garland

Grapes are thought to be a food that brings good luck for the New Year. Carefully handle the grapes and pass thread into them making a beautiful garland. It is a ready to eat food gift. Delay can cause harm to the freshness of grapes.

These are some fantastic homemade gifts which you can give to the people you love. Have fun and give others happiness and smiles at the start of the year.

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