How Technology Can Support Homeworking

Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 6:20pm by Editorial Staff

It’s becoming more and more popular that companies offer their employees a flexible working option to work from home. This was never something that could be offered, but with the way the technological world is advancing, it’s becoming more and more popular to work remotely. As an employer, you need to be able to keep in touch with the people who work outside of the office, and the communication now available online is allowing this to happen.

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The digital world is expanding at a rapid pace, with upgrades being planned with every smartphone and tablet release. It’s because of this, access to a secure cloud server online and the birth of FaceTime that it’s even possible for employees to work from home. Virtual teamworking means that your team doesn’t have to be in the same place at once anymore, but they can still work effectively together. There are so many advantages to allowing your employees to work from home, and it’s not just because of the money you’ll save on office space. The more you allow workers a flexible option, the more loyal they will be. Without technology, this wouldn’t be a possibility. It’s easy to see how technology is making our remote working lives easier, and we’ve put together some of the ways we are relying on technology to keep our businesses growing:

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  • Better Security. Homeworkers rely on logging into a central system that can be accessed from anywhere. The technology we have now means we use better online security systems like these ones. IT teams are well versed in cloud computing, so that remote workers aren’t being put at risk simply by working from home.
  • Better Programs. Your company may already have a shared server that is used for those both in and out of the office. However, websites like Trello are making remote team working far easier than it used to be. There’s no need to worry about whether your team have got their act together and have to chase via telephone; shared boards like Trello mean that everyone can check in together at any one time.
  • Better Devices. The digital evolution means that you can work from multiple devices at once time, enhancing employee productivity as they adapt. As company websites are being optimised for more than one platform or device, you can work from a laptop or a tablet – your preference is relevant.
  • Better Productivity. No one likes that long and boring commute in the morning, and if the commute is eating up your salary, it can put even more stress on your shoulders. There is far more job satisfaction from working in your own surroundings than there is heading to an office everyday, and employers are beginning to recognise this.

Being able to be connected to the office at the touch of a button is a revolution for most workers. It also allows companies to connect with international employees far better than relying on expensive business phone bills. Life is just easier when technology is involved.

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