What You Need To Do When Your Kid Doesn’t Want To Be Left Alone At School

Posted on Dec 4 2019 - 12:46pm by Editorial Staff

Your child has the tendency to cry when you leave him at school – what should you do?

Although not all kids go through this phase of adjustment, there will always be at least one kid who will refuse to be left alone without his mom or dad. It’s quite common but there are ways to try to prevent this stage from coming. However, if you can see the signs that it is seemingly inevitable or you are already standing on that stage as a parent, below are some of the possible ways to help you get through this “crying at school” phase faster than simply just letting it go away. The following are simple techniques to not only calm your kid down when you need to leave him at school, but also to further understand your child during this season of life.

Give time to adjust

There are kids who really cannot stand being left alone with strangers, regardless if you have already talked calmly and reasonably about going to school without mom and dad. Patience is the key. Accept the situation as a parent and just give your kid some time to adjust. Some may take longer to adjust comparing to other children. But with your patience and assurance that he can do it, that you will be there once the bell rang, and actually keeping up to whatever promises that you told him, he will get used to the routine and adapt eventually.

Find out what ‘scares’ your kid

Is there anything that scares him when at school? Are there any bullies? Talk to your child with empathy and make sure to understand if there is anything that makes him uncomfortable in school.

Research on how to make school look like a walk in the park or just look for a suitable school

School should be fun and exciting for kids. But if it doesn’t look that way for your child, research on ways to make it like a walk in the park for him – one absolutely fun park.

Worst case scenario, you might want to look for another school which can cater to your child’s needs. There are International Schools in Singapore, Canada and even in America which adopts a holistic approach on teaching, complete with playing, encouraging the children’s interests and more. On the other hand, most parents in China welcome the idea of homeschooling their children. Well, you don’t need to transfer to those countries or let your kid just study at home. You only need to find the suitable curriculum for your child.

Create after-school activities to look forward to

Children are mostly optimists. Give your child something positive to look forward to when he finishes school without crying and looking for mom or dad. It may perhaps be a painting session, ice cream, a favorite dish – it depend upon his interests. We don’t know what goes through our child’s mind most of the time. But it can always boil down to their need of security and confidence. Avoid the worst possible scenario and give your kid the right kind of assurance that he might need to get through this stage of life.

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