RIM CEO: ‘We Have Roughly 80 Million Users Today’

Posted on Jul 12 2012 - 5:53am by Editorial Staff

No doubt Research In Motion is huge under pressure these days, but The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky recent conversation with RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed that the company still holds a 80 million users base as of today. Heins believe strongly that the company can retain its customer base with its BlackBerry 7 devices.  Heins said, “I think what we did in the past a little bit, we were trying to sharpen our saw and figure out ‘who’s the person who loves to use a BlackBerry?’ Internally we call them BlackBerry People.” Talking about BlackBerry 10, Heins says that the company is reinvented mode, and will deliver a better BlackBerry experience on the new phones which is due for 2013.

The interesting that Heins discussed is comparison he led after between RIM and Nokia, he goes on by saying that, “I think we’re in a different position, we have roughly 80 million users today — Nokia doesn’t have that, they’re not in the service play, they have no value on top of the handsets.” When asking about why not RIM opted for the same route as that Nokia does, he says Android or other platforms was never being an option for RIM.

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