Protecting Your Vehicle From Rust

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 2:14pm by Editorial Staff


If you have an iron anything, it is bound to get rusted if you do not take care of it well, whether it is your cast iron pan, vintage or Iron Age weapon collection or your modern day car, anything that has a wee bit of iron to it is bound to share the horrible fate of being rusted. Not only has it totally ruined the life of the vehicle, rust, however small, can even eat into the resale value of your car. so you only line of defence here really is rust prevention. Here are some tips on how you can protect your car from rust.

Keep your car indoors

Keeping your car open to the elements can do a lot of damage. There is a reason why some people are obsessed with garages, and indoor parking. Well, remember thinking how picky that guy is, and how weird that quality is, now you know that those guys were probably doing it right all along.

Exposing your vehicle to extreme temperatures, not to exclude occasional rain, hail, snow and sun, can be taxing on the car, which will eventually pull out the paint on your car, exposing the bare underneath that is prone to rust. Any kind of weather damage can be harsh on the paint, and paint is your car-body’s first line of defence. All the times you thought that the paint is just for aesthetics, well, paint does more than that, it shades your car from rust as well.

Cleaning it regularly

Cleaning your car on a regular basis is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure the showroom shine and the increased life of your car. As you drive, there is a lot that accumulates on your car, dust, salt deposition, etc. if not cleaned immediately, these results in some serious damage to your car.

Not only that, bird poop is one of the worst stains you can leave unattended in your car. The acids in the poop can corrode the paint, making way to your base metal. A great way to get rid of the hard to remove solid stains is using a razor that gently scrapes it off, or you can also use fine grain sandpaper.

Touch ups

Many a times our cars suffer damage at the hands of others, scrape marks, scratches are all part of it. Once you do get a scratch mark, it is only a matter of time till you start noticing the oxidization that develops in that region. What starts off as just a minor scratch on your car turns into paint peeling off and then chunks of paint just falling off of your car, which is not a pretty sight at all. Make sure you treat those naked spots on your vehicle regularly.


Waxing your car regularly is the norm for vehicle keeping. Waxes are meant to protect your car paint from UV rays of the sun that can be harmful, and can lead to chipping and rusting.

So there you have it, easy ways to see to it that your car is far, far away from rust and oxidization.

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