Fine Art Storage Warehouse: What To Look At?

Posted on Apr 30 2015 - 2:09pm by Editorial Staff

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If you are an art collector, and your art collection has outgrown your living space, its time you looked for a new home for your art pieces. But when it comes to fine art storage, sometimes going to any public storage unit just won’t do the trick,unlike other stuff that you can store anywhere- well at least in a closed indoor environment, art storage needs attention to detail, extreme care while handling as well as special measures like controlled temperature and humidity. Don’t fret; whether you are looking for fine art storage NYC or DC, here is a list of what you should look for when you are going hunting for art storage.


When it comes to fine art storage, reputation does take the forefront. When you are in the business for long, you do tend to have a good word of mouth, for the quality of the services you provide, and the same holds good for fine art storage warehouses. A reputed place is also bound to have clients that have been with them for age, which speaks a lot about the facility. So if you do zero down on fine art warehouses, check out their market reputation.

Handling and maintenance

Fine art storage is a lot of work, that specifically being skilled work. You cannot have someone who has no experience, or training handles say an expensive or a vintage set of painting. You would also like to ensure whether the storage facility regularly maintains its premises and has certification for fire safety, pest control etc.

Because it is fine art they are storing you would also like to make sure that they are up to date with maintaining their humidifiers, air conditioners, etc. another thing to note is whether the company is particular about having a proper background check for its employees. Art is priceless, and you do not want to be giving it to the wrong people.


One of the most important features to look into is the security arrangement of the place. Ensure that the warehouse has strategically located cameras that are connect to a central unit, which is constantly manned. Check if the facility has an alarm system installed in case of theft.


Warehouses are huge, and sometimes, things can get misplaced and when you are dealing with such a high valued object a mere inventory does not hold good.  Ensure that the warehouse has barcoded or some sort of a digital signature system in place for each piece, so that you can locate your piece of art at any given time.

Yes, it is difficult to part with your art, and you cannot trust many with the care and handling, but with the right kind of research, you will definitely get a good haven for your collection.

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