How Does Security Alarm Monitoring System Works?

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How often is it that you leave from your work and think that merely locking the door of your house is not keeping it secure enough? Or you leave for a well earned vacation spot, but the security of your own house troubles you there every day. Why just homes, we even tend to fear the security of our offices when we lock them for the day and leave computers, office equipment and most importantly, business sensitive data at risk. This is why an office must consider installing a business alarm monitoring system to keep its assets secure. A business alarm monitoring system is very similar to a home alarm system and here it how it works.


An alarm monitoring system is only as good as its sensors and their precise locations. Having a sensor at likely places of breaking in is paramount to having a good security system in place. In case your business place has five windows and a door that can be used by burglars, then you must ensure that sensors are placed on all these six possible points for forcible entry.

Burglars are opportunistic people and are quite smart has found the loopholes of your system. So, if you have left out a small window to save yourself the cost of a sensor, then the burglar is likely to spot it and make you pay for compromising the security of the office. Therefore, you must ensure that an appropriate number of sensors are placed precisely in your alarm monitoring system.

Control panel

All the sensors that you place are connected to the central unit called the control panel, which keeps an eye on them and raises an alert if a deviation is observed. The effectiveness of the control panel is also limited by the number of functions that it has. Entry level panels can detect a deviation and raise an alarm that rings locally and alerts people around it. Such a system can work well to deter burglars, but can also be silenced quickly, if the security code is compromised. On the other hand, more sophisticated systems, send a quick signal to the security company you have purchased the alarm from and alerts them of an intrusion.

On certain systems, a security officer can even initiate contact with the device using a 2 way communication system such as radio, installed within the control panel itself to confirm the threat and its severity. Alternatively, you might receive a phone call to a pre registered landline or cellular phone and be made aware of the intrusion or other threats such as fire in your office space. Some control panel can even distinguish between threats and contact necessary authorities such as police, fire department, ambulance services etc. to address the threat.

Additional tools

Thanks to advancing technology, alarm monitoring systems have become even better in terms of identifying and neutralizing threats. The installation of closed circuit or internet protocol cameras gives you access to monitor secluded areas of your office and its surroundings in a much better way. Rather, you can even remotely connect to the system using the internet and monitor the system yourself, when a threat is recognized by the system.

Thus, a business alarm monitoring system not only deters burglars from attacking your property, but also protects it from other incidents such as fire. With high speed internet facilities you can even identify and dismiss threats sitting in a far off location.

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