OneReceipt, Stores and Organizes Your Paper and E-Shopping Receipts

Posted on Jan 13 2012 - 4:48pm by Editorial Staff

We always wonder that we everytime ends up with the collection of receipts from our different purchases, why not there is any such solution where we keep all those receipts at one single place. It’s all too easy to slip when we get a large number of receipts in our email and we slip to notice in the inbox, but a new service called OneReceipt aims to aggregate and track those receipts so users will be able to see exactly what their money is being spent on. OneReceipt is a service that stores and organizes users’ paper and e-shopping receipts in order to make them more accessible.

OneReceipt, New York based company, entering into a market with an aim and slogan of is to “keep the purchase, lose the receipt.” Now in beta, the service gives users a way to store all their receipts in the cloud, for access whenever they need them. After signing up with OneReceipt, users link their email accounts to the service, which will then capture any electronic receipts that are sent to those addresses.

Paper receipts, meanwhile, can be photographed and emailed to the service for storage in the same place. Going beyond just storage, OneReceipt indexes all the relevant information so it’s easy to find, providing tags and categories to help users filter, file and later find the receipts they get. Much like Slice, OneReceipt reminds users about looming deadlines for returns, and it also offers relevant rewards based on the user’s shopping patterns.

Seems like a wonderful idea to me? What you think – Do OneReceipt idea work well for you or not.

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