Another Add on Trend to the Cloud, ‘Cloud Fitness’ with ‘Yufti’

Posted on Jan 13 2012 - 5:50pm by Editorial Staff

Cloud computing and its trends are now the part of our life as any other technology. We have everything set aside in front of us with the Cloud then whether it is cloud file sharing, cloud security even the cloud storage also, but now seems like amazing to most of you, we have cloud fitness too.

Yes, I mentioned cloud fitness, with Yufit, a website offering online fitness classes hosted on Amazon Web Services. Yufit provide a new and a better way of fitness – instead of the regular DVD picking up and watching up the same video again and again, you get new fitness videos every week for just only a mere $10 a month. Each of the 10 classes releases two new sessions each week on Monday and Thursday nights, which can be viewed on-demand. The classes, which range from dance and yoga to kickboxing and cardio, are taught by popular San Francisco-based personal trainers.

In addition to its online classes, Yufit provides a social networking space that connects members with each trainer. Members can make suggestions for the classes and connect with other people who are taking the sames classes.

Only 25 percent of Americans have a gym membership and of those only half actually go the gym regularly, co-founder Yu Kannah Kim, mentioned. Kim, a personal trainer at a high-end gym, wanted her skills to reach more than just getting overweight and privileged. She also added that her inspiration was to help everyone get fit, not just those who can afford to belong to a gym.

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