Microsoft Makes Its ‘Gmail Man’ Video Official Over Google’s New Single Privacy Policy

Posted on Feb 2 2012 - 4:14pm by Editorial Staff

In an ongoing tug-of-war between Microsoft and Google over Google’s new single policy – the software giant today (PT) makes its “Gmail Man” video official in privacy fight against Google. Microsoft has first announced that the Redmond-based computing giant will be placing a series of ads in the US press this week, as it seeks to “remind people of the alternatives.” The alternatives he is pointed in the post against the Google’s “one big policy” – merging Google’s all 60 different policies into one, resulting into a single big product. In response to this, Google has responded back in its blog post “Busting myths about our approach to privacy.” The post refutes claims made by Microsoft and other places as well as responding to the government concerns over the privacy policy.

Microsoft today in its next move – just posted a video name “Gmail Man” to its company’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. The spoof video was originally broadcast on July 20th last year at Microsoft’s internal Global Exchange sales conference and it depicts a mail man riffling through letters (email) to find keywords for ads. “Would you trust this guy to deliver your mail?” asks Microsoft on its Facebook page, one Facebook commenter responded “My god, this ad reeks of fear. I’m not scared of Gmail, but MS certainly is.”

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